Local Video Ad Network Sees 40M Viewers In 3 Months

Jivox, a self-service online video advertising platform for local businesses, today announced that a number of new publishers have joined the Jivox Video Network, including Brown Publishing, ExpoTV, AOL India, Sulekha.com, Reliance Entertainment's Bigadda.com and others.  Jivox enables publishers to monetize their video assets with its online video ad service that connects video publishers with smaller and local advertisers.  With these new partners, the Jivox Video Network now reaches more than 40 million viewers.

According to market research firm eMarketer, the number of online video viewers in the US alone is projected to rise from 114 million in 2006 to 183 million in 2011.  As consumption of online video skyrockets, publishers are searching for platforms that will enable them to monetize the content on their sites through video advertising.  The Jivox video ad service enables these publishers to easily incorporate video advertising into their sites and immediately begin generating revenue.  Jivox's focus on small and local advertisers also means that publishers can tap into a huge pool of smaller advertisers that would otherwise be confined to banner or search ads.

"Because video advertising is much more effective that traditional forms of internet advertising, publishers can generate much higher CPM rates from online video advertising opportunities than any other advertising format offered on their sites.  Publishers of online video content can dramatically expand their ad inventory and revenue generation opportunities by making in-stream ad spots available through the Jivox service," said Diaz Nesamoney, founder and CEO of Jivox.

The Jivox platform makes it easy for online media companies to incorporate video advertising into a site with a simple integration.  Jivox supports standalone IAB unit ads as well as in-stream video ads.   IAB unit standalone ads can be served using simple HTML tag integration (similar to embedding a link to an online video).  In-stream video ads can be integrated using a simple player interface that supports the Adobe Flash Player as well as Windows Media Player.  Most sites can begin serving video ads via the Jivox platform within a few hours of signing up.  Jivox publisher partners retain full control over the frequency and types of advertisements that will be shown on their site. Sophisticated targeting algorithms based on geographic, contextual and demographic profiles ensure that visitors see only relevant ads and deliver sufficient click-through rates to provide results for advertisers and publishers.

Jivox publisher ExpoTV is the first and largest video-based social network specifically created for consumers to connect, share and celebrate the products they are passionate about.  As part of the Jivox Video Network, ExpoTV is generating additional revenue from its content by incorporating video advertising into the site.

"ExpoTV has built an engaged audience of highly targeted viewers, making our site an ideal environment for small and local businesses to advertise relevant offers to new customers.  We're pleased to be working with Jivox to deliver video ads within our social network," said Daphne Kwon, CEO of ExpoTV.  "Integrating Jivox into the site was simple, and we were able to begin serving video ads almost immediately.”

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