LiveRail – Pay Per View Video Ad Network?

Yup… I just found out about Live Rail (I'm a little late to the game – press release here ;-))

As an advertiser, you:

  1. Only pay when someone actually views your ad. Hence – Pay Per View (probably called ppv)
  2. Request that your video is only shown to users who choose to watch your ad because they consider it "interesting”.

What does that mean and how does this work? Couple things.

  1. Apparently it currently relies at least partially upon advertisers and publishers uploading videos and categorizing them appropriately on LiveRail's platform. So, not sure how that will pan out… But the company does say that this is just a temporary measure.
  2. Regarding how users choose to watch your video is simple and interesting. Related video ad thumnails are matched and targeted next to the main video content. At any point during the video content, a users can pause the video, watch the ad, and then restart the video when the ad is complete.
  3. Will this work and will users choose to click on ads? Well, my thought it, why not? They do currently on all other forms of web pages and web content. I don't know that the CTR (click through rates) will be any higher as common display banner ads, but we will see. It is certainly less obtrusive advertising than other current models of video-related advertising models that focus on placing video's within the video window itself. Screenshot below…

It will be interesting to follow which new ad models turn out to be most successful and for what reasons. This vs. YouTube's overlay ads vs. Scanscout and Time Warner ads vs. traditional Pre-roll ads.. On some level, ads are still just ads to some users.

BTW: In order to entice advertisers, the company is giving away $1000 budgets

LiveRail   Pay Per View Video Ad Network?

LiveRail   Pay Per View Video Ad Network?

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