Free Video Commerce SEO Best Practices Webinar this Week

Free Video Commerce SEO Best Practices Webinar this Week

This Wednesday, video commerce solutions provider, Liveclicker, will be hosting a free webinar along with me titled “Best Practices & Tips for Boosting Video Commerce SEO.”  Join us to learn what leading retailers are doing to optimize their videos for SEO both on and off the product page as well as some basic and advanced tips for e-commerce video SEO.

You can register for the free webinar here!

What am I going to cover? Great question as I'm so busy that I haven't yet started the presentation ;-)  That being said, I plan to cover my take on what retailers can do to better navigate the ever-changing landscape of video SEO.

I'll be offering some basic and advanced tips for video SEO, all of which are just as important for e-commerce video SEO (and I plan to include several examples from retailers). I'll also address a few common pitfalls and questions asked about e-commerce video SEO...

I plan to touch upon the following topics and questions:

  • The changing nature of search and what's important today.
  • Why you need to use YouTube and how best to utilize YouTube:
    • How YouTube search works.
    • General best practices for YouTube.
    • A few less-emphasized tips that will help your videos rank better and gain more views.
    • How to use YouTube's features to help drive viewers back to your site.
  • On-site video SEO best practices:
    • When are transcripts helpful or necessary?
    • What is schema markup, how does it work, and what's it's current and future state?
    • What are video sitemaps, best practices for video sitemaps, and how to get around various video publishing issues with video sitemaps?
    • Best practices for optimizing video content for social sharing.
  • And probably more stuff that I haven't yet finalized in my overwhelmed head.

Anyway, as much as I seem to procrastinate on presentations, they always end up being well received and while I don't want to guarantee you that you'll learn a million undiscovered secrets for video SEO, I'm pretty sure that you'll find the presentation informative.

I hope you can join us! - Register here.

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  • ChrisSmith1

    Did I miss it? Is there a recording?

  • ChrisSmith1

    Did I miss it? Is there a recording?