Live Mobile Video Streaming Meets Local GPS Mapping

In our online video predictions for 2008, we touch briefly on the fast growing convergence between online video and local search.

In the past year or so, several announcements were made with respect to local - meets - online multimedia:

  • Several internet yellow page sites (IYPs) announced integration of video into their local search platforms (in a limited way, if you ask me). Superpages, putlocal,, and others.
  • Youtube announced integration with Google Earth, and a few sites popped up with the ability to search for videos by location via the youtube API.
  • Research released from the likes of Borrell, Kelsey Group, and others demonstrated that not only is local video advertising effective for advertisers, but that online video and local search in particular presents the largest growth opportunity over the next several years in terms of online advertising revenue.

Clearly the convergence of local search and online video presents an opportunity for advertisers to more effectively reach and target local consumers. The other opportunity that is not as often discussed is the opportunity for local media companies, content producers, broadcasters, etc... to use this convergence for the creation of hyper-local multimedia content.

The convergence of online video and local search also presents a real and effective means for citizen journalists to deliver hyper-local content and news coverage.

What if you could stream live video from your mobile device, while driving? What if you were following a live police chase? BTW, bad idea. Mobile webcasting tied to hyper-local content and mapping would create a similarly interesting opportunity for advertisers, consumers, and media companies alike.

Live Mobile Video Streaming Meets Local GPS MappingWith that, I found a very cool new platform called Seero, thanks to Charles Knight. Seero is a geo-broadcasting platform that combines live streaming video with real-time GPS tracking and local content via data feeds.

Seero was founded in April 2006, and is a geo-broadcasting platform that integrates live mobile video streaming and real-time GPS mapping. They plan to launch the service to the public in mid-March.

Seero enables webcasters to showcase their videos and tie them to local destinations where they occur. Seero allows both live webcasts and on-demand video to be combined with pertinent hyper-local information in a unique and interesting way.

One of Seero's founders, David Rothschild, framed the concept when he stated, "why try and replicate television on the web when there are a wealth of technologies like real-time GPS tracking and consumer friendly live broadcasting capabilities that can create a richer experience.”

The site serves geo-tagged advertisements and facts based on their proximity to each broadcast. Dan Rummel, a Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Seero, foreshadowed the business model, "We are trying to create a great way to advertise alongside video content- which most services haven't figured out yet. Most sites serve an ad based on how a video is tagged, 'funny' for example. Funny to one person may be boring to another though. We serve ads based on location, which is objective. If you are watching a video shot in Union Square we are serving ads for nearby businesses in Union Square."

Here are the features listed their site:

  • Live Video: Seero provides a platform for a broadcaster to stream live video to a mass audience. Whether it be a live video blog, a one-time concert event, or a cross-country promotional tour, Seero fosters a variety of entertaining and informative broadcasts.
  • Video On Demand: Seero allows a broadcaster to utilize their existing on-demand-videos by geo-tagging them to the pertinent locations where they take place. 'GeoVoDs' can complement a live video broadcast or stand-alone as their own local viewing experience.
  • GPS Mapping: Seero enables broadcasters to incorporate real-time GPS tracking of their location as they broadcast live video. GPS coordinates are constantly updated in real-time so that viewers can watch the broadcaster on a map as they change position.
  • Geo-Advertising: Seero dynamically serves advertising and information based upon the coordinates of each broadcaster.

They have some pretty neat tools on the platform to add local content. One nice feature is that you can sync with your google or ical calendar so that you can schedule your shows directly from your calendar.

So, what do you think? I have signed up for the beta and will let you know how it goes when I get some time to play around with it a bit more.

Thanks to the folks at Seero, I have 50 invites to their private beta to give out. Just enter "reelseo" in the "what is the meaning of life" field on the registration page. Sign up here.

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    Seero is a geo-broadcasting platform that combines live streaming video with real-time GPS tracking and local content via data feeds.