Live From Daryl's House, an acclaimed music web series starring Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates and special guest musicians, is making its debut on television in 95 markets on September 24 in syndication.  The show, which shoots in Hall's home in upstate New York, won a Webby Award last year for Variety Video.  The announcement comes at a time when Hall is about to release "Laughing Down Crying," his first solo album since 1997's "Can't Stop Dreaming."  The show is not set to be a regular TV series, as we've seen other successes like "Web Therapy" do in the past year.

Music: Success Hidden in Plain View on YouTube

The secret success of YouTube has been music artists.  Hidden in all of the viral sensations that have made YouTube what it is today are the hundreds of millions of views for individual musicians who upload music videos to the site.  Now, Live From Daryl's House doesn't have hundreds of millions of views, in fact his channel has a much more modest 9,000 subscribers and a few hundred thousand views per song.  Those are still good numbers, and we should put it in perspective as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga get a lot of their views from young people who want to watch the videos over and over again (and with no repeated MTV airplay like in the eighties and early nineties).  Daryl Hall is known to an older audience, one that isn't likely using YouTube in droves to go watch his show (although some of those old Hall & Oates tunes have hit into the millions of views).

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The Past, Present, And Future of Live From Daryl's House

Like most shows that aren't in full-awareness stage, at first they had to ask artists if they wanted to be on the show, but now artists ask if they can be on the show.  There's extra publicity and the chance to play with a legend, but the syndication deal certainly helps build interest, and a different kind of audience can be reached on TV.

These shows have good quality to them.  The first couple of episodes, one of which starred his former partner John Oates, were a bit amateurish, but soon Hall thought there might be a future in the show and production value started to get better.

The show will be in most of the top markets like Chicago (WGN), New York (WPIX), and L.A. (KTLA), and more more are expected to be added later.  The series begins with two back-to-back episodes on Saturday, September 24.

  • Pam Monahan Kamensky

    Love Love Love Daryls House! I have been watching (in the web) for a few years now... always fun when he features a "new - up and coming" artist, and then I hear them on the radio :) Does anyone know where I can get a list of the syndicated tv channels, so that I can watch on Mar 24?

  • Scott George

    nothing but pure talent at daryls house.

  • Gina Shore

    star struck omg soooo great. just found this. does some one win?

  • June Ortmann Strong

    This is the best live jam session with Daryl Hall. He has such a creative him with his gitar:)

  • Hope Gibson

    I love the idea of Daryl being on syndication! The more coverage, the better!

  • Gina G. Riggi

    Perhaps you don't know this as you are possibly too young?:) But folks Dary's and our age invented personal computers, started the internet and launched the computer craze!

    • Cindy Holden-Amor

      Right on Gina!

  • Jim Brooks

    Cool! I've watched a couple of episodes on the web, one in which he did "Babs and Babs" from Sacred Songs.

  • Beth Gile

    Very cool that Daryl used the web and Live at Daryl's House so creatively and successfully. Love watching it! When will you be broadcasting from Maine?

  • Jim

    An original, experienced, soul-ful, inovator who can reach the masses.... You go Daryl....he is getting better with age!!

  • Jim

    Experience, talent, non-pretentious, soul, down-right true down home philly street talent....he may be almost 65 yr but... Who cares... With a voice and writing genious.. Daryl is on his game....

  • Jim Yopp

    I look forward to the 15th every month to see who the new guest is on the show! This show is sooo cool! Keep doing what you're doin Daryl!

  • Gina G. Riggi

    I watch Hall & Oates on Utube and saw them in person in 1975.

  • Sonya Nelson

    Watching Darryl Hall's new tv show! So happy he has recovered from his long battle with Lyme Disease! Success story!

  • Ali Broome

    What do you mean by "the older folks" not using Utube? His older audiences happens to be his age and lived the H&O rise to fame with them instead of reading about it. I am so happy that he is showing the world what a real talent is! And go BABY BOOMERS! WE ROCK N ROLL!

    • Elena Schmitt

      Go Ali! LOL