Each day it seems we hear a news item related to HD video online. Just this week, we saw an announcement from Akamai about their HD Web site which offers videos from a host of television networks such as BBC, NBA, MTV, and CBS.

So, I thought it may be useful to point out all of the sites that I am aware of which offer high definition videos online.

UPDATED LIST CLICK HEREHD Online - Watch Upload & Share High-Definition Videos

Please feel free to add sites that you know of in the comments below and I will update this list. Thanks and enjoy.

  1. HD Video Search Sites
  2. HD Video Platforms
  3. HD Video Downloads
  4. HD Video Blogs and Vodcasts
  5. Other Sources for HD Videos
  6. Sample High-Definition HD Videos
High-Definition Online Video Search

Vimeo HDVimeo announced support for HD video just this past month on 10/17/2007. Vimeo's HD channel allows users to share their videos in 720p (1280*720) resolution, which is more than twelve fold better in terms of quality than the standard 320*240 resolution and is exactly the same resolution used by network providors at 24 frames per second. However, while this is called high-definition, I consider true full HD to be 1080i/p.

Vimeo HD Video RSS feed

Here is a video from their site. (it states 'This video can be embedded, but will not be in HD quality.')

Veoh HDI don't see any method to search specifically for HD, but does have HD-quality video programming. I spent about 15 minutes trying to find out additional information on this and was unable to find anything. If you know details of how to find the HD shows on or VeohTV, please let us know in comments below.

Youtube logo2Youtube In HD? – It could be coming soon
UPDATED – Here they are!!

High-Definition Online Video Platforms

The Akamai The HD Web features high-definition videos from several networks including BBC, MTV, CBS, Gannett, NBA, and others. To view the HD videos, you can select either 1280 X 720 or 1920 X 1080. The files, all under 120 MB, will be downloaded to your computer and can be played in Quicktime or Windows Media.

Adobe announced support for the H.264 video codec in its latest update to Adobe Flash Player 9 software, code-named Moviestar.

ON NetworksON Networks – is an online video delivery platform and network that offers professional content producers to showcasr unique, informative, and free video clips, TV shows, and video channels. On Networks is known to be a great source for quality video podcasts.

MonetizeMedia is a platform for online content producers to upload, share and monetize multimedia content. Users can create their own channels and serve geo-targeted and even, contextually relevant targeted ads. This platform provides HD-quality viewing of videos as well.

HD Video Download

ZudeoVUZE (formerly is a file sharing company that launched a new platform for downloading high-definition, DVD-quaility video online. Using Bit Torrent, users can upload, download and comment on HD qaulity videos in a manner similar to other video sharing sites like YouTube, Revver, and Metacafe.

HD Standard Video Blogs and Vodcasts
Other sources for online High Definition Video
Sample Online HD Quailtiy Videos
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    Where can I find HD music videos that are well sorted? I love to watch new videos randomly by genre or artist and DivX first had an HD site for this and then I used Vuze but both have stopped this service and I have to search youtube or other sites. Is there any site where they are pre-sorted?

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    For Veoh, I simply typed in the resolutions 1080 or 720, and videos with that resolution came up. I found after that that Veoh includes related searches below the search bar, and it apparently now allows for searching for HD videos by search category. For example, searching for HD brings up related categories: full hd, 1080p, 1920x1080, 720p, hdtv, 1080. There's still no specific category in the menus yet, but there's quite a bit of HD content there now, and it's searchable by those categories.