List of Online Video Events and Conferences

We all know it, online video is the hot topic right now. So, lets all agree and then I promise to never write that it is "hot" again ;-)

Currently there is an incredible thirst for knowledge about video advertising, video search, social video sharing, HD, and so on, and so on. Clearly the opportunity is ripe for conferences and tradeshows to capitalize on this opportunity, and we have seen just that. Many new conferences have been popping up and conferences that have been around for some time are becoming more and more focused on the subject due to the incredible popularity it affords.

Thanks to Dan Rayburn, we now have a pretty comprehensive list of online video conferences. As Dan points out on his blog, shows listed below are only conferences, tradeshows, and other events that are specifically related to online video. Many links will still point to the 07 show dates as 08 dates have yet to be released. PS, for those of you who do not know; Dan Rayburn is EVP for and is recognized by many as the voice for the streaming and online video industry.

Here is the list of online video events (I have rearranged for obvious reasons):

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