A List Of Online Video Contest Platforms

A List Of Online Video Contest Platforms

Online video contests are growing in popularity and complexity and are now far more savvy than the upload a YouTube video and get people to like it ,etc. A crop of online video contest platforms have sprung up and more are coming all the time. So ReelSEO thought it was time to make a list of those that we could find. We will continue to update the list, just drop us an email with your platform and we'll look into it for inclusion.

A List Of Online Video Contest Platforms

This list of online video contest platforms is organized alphabetically to be unbiased.

A List Of Online Video Contest PlatformsLaunchpad6 (See Chris' Overview): The Launchpad6 Video Contest Platform is an out of the box solution for creating user-generated video contests. The Launchpad6 Video Competition System comes complete with a dedicated Microsite, Facebook Application & Mobile Viewing Site, allowing you to reach and engage your audience wherever they may be. By combining short video advertisements with user-generated content, users can spread your message virally for you, building brand awareness. Three packages available: Basic, Advanced, Unlimited. No pricing available.

A List Of Online Video Contest PlatformsMemelabsLittle information available about the video capabilities really. Memelabs is a contest platform for brands, allowing them to create engagement through user-submitted video, photo, audio and text. Built as a tool for organizing UGC submissions and voting, Memelabs is the easiest way for a brand's customers to contribute and share a message through viral video and other low-cost, high-exposure marketing campaigns.

A List Of Online Video Contest PlatformsPlaykastStart a video competition. Create a video collection or "Best of" list. Tell an interactive video story. Kick off a video conversation. Drive viewer engagement & participation. Increase time on site and return visits. Initiate conversations around your videos. Boost virality and sharing. Free apparently

A List Of Online Video Contest PlatformsStruttaCreate an interactive promotion where consumers participate by uploading content - video, photo, audio or text. Users can vote and comment on entries, and easily share the contest through Facebook and Twitter. Choose one of four contest configurations: public vote (winner by popularity or highest star rating), judges pick (winner based on judging criteria), public vote for finalists then judges pick the winner(s), or judges pick finalists then public vote determines the winner(s). $299 or $1999 with a monthly fee of $99 or $199.

A List Of Online Video Contest PlatformsVotigoCustomized look & feel for contest landing page and gallery. Video upload and storage.Gallery search, browsing, commenting and sorting. Media watermark. Customizable user profiles, registration questions and browsing. Flexible formats (multiple rounds, head-to-head). Flexible voting formats (user-voting, panel of judges, sponsors choice). Optional essay combination. Optional branded contest widget embeddable on any web page. Placement for client or sponsor ads. Custom sub-domain or domain masking. Facebook Brand Page Application. Self server $60+, Premium, $2500

A List Of Online Video Contest PlatformsVotrideaThe Votridea Contest Platform seamlessly integrates with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Ning, catalyzing rapid and scalable participant growth. The Votridea platform is also internationalized, enabling outreach to participants in communities all over the world. Votridea minimizes the human investment required to implement a contest by providing a full dashboard of community management tools, reducing the resources required to drive innovation. Votridea also offers training and contest management services to Votridea customers. Must contact for details.

A List Of Online Video Contest PlatformsWildfireProvide simple tools to help you engage the 100s of millions of users of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Web application allows companies both big and small to easily integrate branded interactive campaigns like sweepstakes, contests and give-aways with the viral features of the social web to create engaging campaigns that spread like wildfire. Prices range $5-250+ per campaign.

A List Of Online Video Contest PlatformsWizehive Contest ManagerWizeHive can also set up and deploy an online photo, video or Facebook contest in minutes, with no software to install. WizeHive allows you to share files, manage projects and collaborate with others in secure, private workspaces in a modern and social interface. Gather, track, organize, and have conversations around your data, resulting in better, faster decisions.

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  • Ryan Bennett

    Take a re-look at Stunt Buxx 2.0 - the fastest way to run a photo or video contest with no software to install, allows community members to sell their ideas on an open innovation platform, enable gamificaton elements, run social cause campaigns enabling charities to collect real time donations, and deliver special promotions via email for every member who shares content submissions.

  • SBXX

    You should add Stunt Buxx - Viral Video Game show into your list. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=541812580 Karim Reda

    Myvolume , watch and discover, upload and Share your videos, images and Audio with friends, family, and the whole world!

  • http://www.strutta.com/ Tina Hoang

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for putting this list together. As ReelSEO is all about video, I'd like to elaborate on Strutta's video player capabilities: we support HTML5, YouTube and HD on mobile. http://www.strutta.com/blog/blog/strutta-video-contests-now-supporting-html5-youtube-and-hd-on-mobile

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=860190144 Tim McLarty

    Great article guys.. and useful to see video launching platforms [email protected]

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1501989609 Andrew Harris

    Definitely love playkast A LOT! Easy to use, great solution for having a video contest!

  • Shah

    Hi Chris,

    Great piece of information you got here. Video creators get higher chance to be noticed if they enter this contest as you mentioned.


  • http://www.contestcore.com BJ Cook

    Nice writeup Chris. Wanted to include a new entrant into this market - ContestCore. It does video, photos, audio and text.