Video In Social Economy – Interview With’s CEO Tom Zawacki

We caught up with Tom right after his session at ad-tech Chicago: The Banner is Dead: Digital Advertising Strategies in the Age of Earned Media, which played to a packed house. In our audio interview, we discuss with Tom why search marketers need to be paying attention to the social side of e-commerce, the consumer behavior distinctions between search and social, how the upcoming years will see a sizeable growth of video with consumer generated commerce, along with his recommendation on what company is already doing an excellent job of combining video with product reviews.

Tom Zawacki is the CEO of the "social commerce" website Lemonade, which was Voted #1 Website of 2007 by TIME Magazine and CNN in the Business, Tech and Sports section.

Listen to the Tom Zawacki Interview

Note: This interview is approximately 20 minutes. Our discussion on online video with social commerce starts at 13:30 of the interview.

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