KoldCastTV Gets Funnier With Harland Williams

KoldCastTV Gets Funnier With Harland Williams

Best known for his roles in Employee of the Month, Dumb & Dumber, Something About Mary, Half Baked, and Rocketman, the genuinely multi-talented actor, writer, director and comic Harland Williams, veteran of nearly 30 feature films and countless television roles and appearances, has signed on with new media and Internet Television Network, KoldCast TV, to write and produce 21 installments of Unscrewed with Harland Williams - a 3x weekly comedy micro-short that will air on-demand on the KoldCast TV Comedy Network beginning this month.

"Harland is a versatile comic brand with an enormous fan base. Over the last 15 years he has appeared in many of the funniest films of the period and has become a gigantic cult favorite among an entire generation of young moviegoers - the very same audience that became the driving force behind the online video revolution that most people now refer to as Internet TV", said David S. Samuels, CEO of KoldCast TV. Harland's popularity among this demo is simply impressive - when you mention his name, they often start quoting his movie lines - they absolutely love him and know everything that he has done."

Each installment of Unscrewed will essentially be a micro-short stand-up act performed by Harland who will have creative control of all material. Audiences can expect hilarity without vulgarity in vintage Harland Williams form.

"KoldCast TV is a cutting edge entity in the Internet world and I brought Unscrewed to KoldCast because they have a visionary approach to a medium that is taking over the world. I am proud to be a part of that vision and look forward to spreading my artistic wings and WHOOOING like an owl on KoldCast TV," Williams said.

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