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Mobile Video Search Application   JuiceCaster

JuiceCaster the social networking platform has launched a Mobile Video Search application that is free and allows users to watch videos on a mobile phone. This can be done by texing a search keyword term to 84462. The search tool then send the links for the content back on the mobile device. The tool works through SMS messaging and as a result, 95% of all devices are compatible for this service.

I am not sure what I think about this as I am not a big fan of SMS but it is nice for users in that costs are basically the same as a text message. I prefer video search tools for mobile like those offered by Vtap.

Here is the press release:
Combines the Immediacy of Search with the Power of Mobile Video

JuiceCaster, the award-winning pioneer in mobile social networking, has launched Mobile Video Search (MVS), the first search application for accessing user-posted videos on wireless devices.

A free service, MVS lets anyone with a video-capable cell phone instantly watch desired videos on-demand by texting keywords to '84462'. The search tool then immediately sends a reply with links to the requested content. MVS works on over 95% of video-capable phones, ranging from high-end devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Treo and Windows Mobile devices to mass market phones such as the Motorola Razr family of handsets.

This gives individuals worldwide instant access to informative, entertaining, commercial or personal JuiceCaster videos, delivered directly to their cell phones. Business owners, college students, garage bands, travelers and aspiring artists can quickly and easily mobilize and share their content by creating a free JuiceCaster account, uploading videos and tagging them with search keywords.

"MVS is the next revolution in mobile search, combining the immediacy of wireless environments, the power of video and the value of search into one, easy-to-use solution," said Nick Desai, CEO of Juice Wireless. "MVS now enables anyone, from consumers to big-brand names to share, influence, educate and make others laugh, all through tagging their mobile content with simple keywords and making it available to anyone with a video-capable mobile device to see."

MVS is an additional layer of access and value, available to JuiceCaster's core mobile social network. JuiceCaster offers free and paid versions of its award-winning service. In addition to enabling users to communicate with each other effortlessly, regardless of their location, it also forms a connector between mobile devices and social networks, such as MySpace and Facebook. Immediately after consumer posts a video from the phone using JuiceCaster, viewers can see the content and comments across multiple social networking sites, as well as on mobile phones powered by any wireless operator.

JuiceCaster offers a free WAP version, which is available by sending the word 'join' in an SMS to '84462'. In addition, the subscription-based, downloadable BREW and JAVA versions of the solution are available on select local and international wireless operators.

About JuiceCaster

JuiceCaster is made by Juice Wireless, Inc. Founded in 2004 as a mobile marketing company, Juice delivered award-winning mobile marketing solutions to brands ranging from Conde Nast from AOL to Sony to Gillette. JuiceCaster - the creation of Juice co-founders Dan Paik and Nick Desai - was first launched in Sept. 2006. Today, JuiceCaster is offered on-deck on Cricket Wireless, Alltel, US Cellular and T-Mobile. JuiceCaster has nearly 60,000 users and is growing by 20,000+ users/month. Juice is based in Los Angeles, CA and has 35 full-time employees. Investors include Qualcomm, Citizen's Communications and 21 Ventures. In December 2007, Juice Wireless closed its Series C funding round of $6M and won the coveted Industry Achievement Award for Most Innovative Consumer Entertainment Service from the Mobility World Congress.

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