Jivox Gains Momentum In Local Online Video Ad Market

Jivox Gains Momentum In Local Online Video Ad Market

Company reports rapid user growth from small businesses, including travel sites, financial and real estate services, transportation companies and restaurants; Jivox advertisers cite increase in traffic, self-service ad development and local audience targeting capabilities as key benefits of Jivox service

Jivox, a self-service online video advertising platform for local businesses, is gaining momentum in the emerging local online video ad market, reporting broad adoption of its self-service online video ad platform. Jivox is now driving traffic for local advertisers in a wide variety of industries, including travel sites, financial and real estate services, transportation companies and restaurants. Since launching the service in March, new advertisers include Ciao Bambino, Wall Street Mortgage, Circle of Seven Productions, Nucent Technologies, Air One Limousine Service, South Bay Sedan, the Rally Squad, Faultline Brewery, Netco Construction Services & Associates, among others.

Jivox gives smaller and local advertisers access to online video advertising by making it easy to create, target and deliver online video ads. Jivox advertiser Ciao Bambino, a global guide to family-approved vacation properties, was seeking a cost-effective way to augment its paid search campaigns and signed on with Jivox. Using the Jivox self-service ad creation tool, Ciao Bambino was able to quickly and easily create a short video ad showing a father and child bicycling on the beach. Ciao Bambino then used the Jivox platform to target upscale travel aficionados with children and distribute their ad across the Jivox publisher network. Ciao Bambino was able to track the progress of the ad throughout the campaign and saw an excellent response rate measured via click-throughs and increased traffic to their web site.

"I didn't think online video ads were accessible to me, because as a small company, we don't have the resources to develop video ads on our own," said Ciao Bambino founder Amie O'Shaughnessy. "Jivox's straightforward, easy-to-use ad creation tool allowed me to create an ad in a short period of time. We also received very personalized service from the Jivox support team and got immediate follow-up on any questions. I would definitely recommend the Jivox service to other small businesses.”

Wall Street Mortgage, a leading web site for home loans and mortgages, used the Jivox service to quickly develop and launch a simple online video ad connected to a coupon offer. According to Bradley G. Judd, Principal at Wall Street Mortgage: "Jivox was extremely easy to use and their library of video and music options allowed me to create professional, effective video ads right from my own computer.”

In addition to advertisers that are taking advantage of Jivox's self-service ad creation, advertisers who already have their own video content are benefiting from Jivox's growing distribution network and ad targeting capabilities. Circle of Seven Productions, a leading producer of book trailers, is using Jivox to easily upload and distribute short trailer videos for its clients.

"I was spending a lot of time trying to piece together ad campaigns, but with Jivox I am now free to concentrate my efforts on customer service, client retention and bringing in new projects," said Sheila Clover English, founder and CEO of Circle of Seven Productions. "Jivox allowed me to easily upload my video, choose the right target audience for my needs and get the best ROI for my company or client. It's easier to let Jivox keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online syndication destinations while I concentrate my efforts on building my company.”

"In a time when small businesses are feeling the crunch from tightened consumer budgets, they are eager to find cost-effective advertising alternatives that will bring new customers in the door," said Jivox founder and CEO Diaz Nesamoney. "The rapid adoption of the Jivox service and the results we've been able to achieve demonstrates that the Jivox service can generate traffic for advertisers, build their brand awareness and drive new business.”

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