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The first time I came across the Jing Project I was looking for a solution for recording my desktop into a video format so that I may include in some instructional projects. I initially bookmarked it as an interesting idea but moved on in search of a product that would create a video format I could edit in a video editing application. I soon returned and installed it to quickly create and share some tips with my brother. I was very impressed with the ease of use and sharing.

The power of this tool created by TechSmith is that you can create a quick recording of the entire desktop, a specific window or drag a box around an area to record. This Mac and Windows friendly application can either capture an image or video to share in an e-mail, blog, IM or on your web site. The Jing Project allows you to save your image or video file to a media hosting server – on Screencast.com – that can be viewed via a link. You also have the option to save the file to your computer as a SWF file.

This is a project that TechSmith says will become something else with the guidance of users input. To better understand what Jing is all about watch this video.

For further information you can also visit the Jing Project FAQ.

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