Last month I shared part of my conversation with Jim Louderback. We covered a great number of video-related topics that day, including the comparison of the online video marketplace to cow paths (trust me, it makes total sense once you hear it) and how we still haven’t quite found the direct route to what new media is going to become.

Here’s a pretty good quick-glance at Jim’s “cow paths” theory, collected from quotes in the video below:

And so if you want to mess with cows, there’s a fun thing to do.  Move their feed.  So let’s say you move the feed from here over to here.  What happens is the cows they’re not smart enough to know that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points.  They walk to where the old feed was and then they move over to the new feed… So when it comes to online video in many ways we’re still in that cow path model where we’re trying to do the stuff that we did on television and we’re trying to bring that to Internet video but it’s a new medium in lots of ways… And it’s – until we figure out that diagonal path and we figure out what this medium is going to be, I think a lot of those trips to where the feed used to be will end up being failures.

You can view the full video transcript of the conversation by clicking below the video.