Jack and Hill - Jack Nicholson’s Online Video Goes Viral

The online video through which Hollywood star Jack Nicholson has tendered his support to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has become a huge hit.

Insiders at the video-sharing web site, YouTube, have revealed that the video was viewed by more than 2 million people on Tuesday afternoon, as Clinton fought to stay in the race for the Democratic nomination after a series of unexpected victories by her opponent Barack Obama. By the third day the independent ad aired, it had drawn 2,300 comments

The video titled 'Jack and Hill' features excerpts from some of Nicholson's hit films—namely 'Batman', 'The Shining', 'Chinatown', and 'A Few Good Men'.

Nicholson took the help of American actor-director Rob Reiner to make the video..

Clips from Nicholson's performances in several hit movies combine to make a case for Clinton in less than two minutes. Responses, parodies, and fakes, joined the original video in YouTube's lineup almost immediately. A search for "Hillary" and "Nicholson" yielded 52 selections, many of which used the same background tune, "Battle Hymn Of The Republic.”

The video is not on Hillary Clinton's campaign site, although the campaign did announce the Nicholson endorsement in a press release last month.

A search for Hillary Clinton turned up 51,000 videos. A search for Barack Obama turned up 54,000. And, a search for Republican frontrunners John McCain and Mike Huckabee turned up just over 12,000 and just over 5,000, respectively.

Nicholson has used a clip from his 1989 film Batman in the video to suggest that Clinton is more capable than her main Democratic candidate Barack Obama, reports the BBC.

Besides Nicholson, Clinton is also being supported by director Steven Spielberg, singer Barbra Streisand and actress Eva Longoria Parker.

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