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Video Podcast Advertising In ITunes   New From Blip.tvTracked Prerolls, Postrolls and Overlays in iTunes for the First Time. Online television network announced today that it is now offering dynamically served, fully interactive, third-party tracked advertising for video podcasts in iTunes. The advertisements are verified using DoubleClick's industry standard DART platform and support click-through with DoubleClick DART click tracking. The system is designed to be compliant with the IAB Digital Video Advertising Standards.

The introduction of third-party verified prerolls, postrolls and overlays for Web video will allow advertising agencies to evaluate the performance of their online video buys just as they evaluate Web-based media buys. Prior to this innovation, advertising could not be trafficked with third-party verification in the QuickTime format, which is the primary video format used by Apple's iTunes. The advertisements are viewable on Apple TVs, iPods and iPhones but are not yet trackable in these offline environments. CEO and co-founder Mike Hudack says this new advance makes Web show production and video podcasting more sustainable for content creators and allows advertisers to tap into iTunes views that previously could not carry trackable ads.

"Video does not exist on a single channel or specific Web site anymore. Shows are portable and people watch them wherever, however and whenever they like. Our goal at is to enable show creators to profit from their videos -- wherever they may be watched," said Hudack. "Just as importantly, we need to provide advertisers with the tools and metrics they have come to expect. Podcasting shouldn't be a second-class citizen. It should be just as addressable, measurable, efficient and valuable as premium Web video. Show creators and media buyers shouldn't have to think about what technology is used to watch a show. Demographics, psychographics, traffic numbers, impression numbers and click-through numbers are all that should matter." is currently using this new technology to run ads in QuickTime videos for a Puma Golf campaign now running on Golf Girl TV, while a Skype campaign is running on the Back on Topps show. Examples of dynamically served and tracked ads in iTunes can be viewed at:

Golf Girl TV:

Back on Topps: matches top Web shows with sponsors and splits advertising revenue with shows 50/50.

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