Four Shopper Startups To Watch As Retailers Turn To iPads In Stores

Four Shopper Startups To Watch As Retailers Turn To iPads In Stores

One of the most anticipated books of the year in the Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biography hits bookstores this week, and that's why the New Media Minute is taking a look at some of the most innovative uses brands are making of iPads in retail stores, such as Sears, Burberry and Puma. In addition, the episode take a quick look at four shopper marketing startups poised for success: Zazum, Choozon, Steelhouse and Nearbuy. Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this video.

Brands Using iPads In Stores

There are a number of brands and retailers integrating iPads into their brand experience:

  • To better connect online and in-store shopping, Sears is introducing iPads and iTouches to 450 Sears and Kmart stores around the country. Both employees and consumers can use the mobile devices to check inventory, order items online, and look up product information.
  • Puma is also using iPads as kiosks to allow customers to build and order custom sneakers.
  • Burberry has also used the iPad in stores to let customers order new clothes that are shown during new clothing line introductions.

Retail & Shopper Startups To Watch

There are also four companies in the shopper marketing area to keep an eye on:

  • Zazum – let's you quickly find things you want to buy that you've seen on TV and in the movies.
  • ChoozOn – a service that help aggregate and sift through all the daily deals and online coupons to find the ones most relevant to you.
  • Steelhouse – technology that helps websites present tailored, real-time offers to the shoppers on those sites.
  • Nearbuy – lets brands deliver personalized info to shoppers who are actually in a particular store.

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  • Ryan Chavis

    Great story! I'm actually the inventor of the iBackFlip sling carrying case that Sears is using for all of their iPads in the sales field. We worked with them last year to roll out all devices by Black Friday. Our products are made in the USA and this was a huge plus for them. you can check us out at

  • Ryan Taft

    Great article. I agree, in-store customer engagement through technology is a huge coming trend. I'm thinking retailers, restaurants, event vendors, sports arenas, etc. should be putting iPads at their physical location and using them to engage customers on the spot. It will be interesting to see how it all develops.


    Ryan Taft

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