New iPad App Radically Simplifies Business Video Creation

New iPad App Radically Simplifies Business Video Creation

As a columnist for ReelSEO, I normally provide analysis, share tips, and examine trends. But, every now and then I stumble across some breaking news. And, according to my sources, KnowledgeVision Systems, which makes online video presentation software tools, plans to announce the availability of Knovio, its free video presentation app for the iPad, on Monday, April 14, 2014. Okay, “my sources” are Michael Kolowich, the founder and CEO of KnowledgeVision, as well as a couple of videos and a press release that he emailed to me over the weekend. But, I still got to break the news before anyone else, right?

Now that I've broken the story, I’m going to have to explain why internet marketers and video content producers should give a fig about a new iPad app that radically simplifies making business videos.

An iPad Video Creation App That Can Explain or Teach Anything

Let’s start with the backstory. According to Kolowich, a new media and internet content entrepreneur and documentary filmmaker, “I knew we were onto something with Knovio when my twin son and daughter, who were both beta testers, sent me an elaborately produced Knovio advocating a family vacation. The slides described the reasons we needed a ‘family vacay’ and illustrated all the places they’d like to consider going...and they used props in the video to make their point entertaining. It was at that point I realized that Knovio really could be used by ANYONE to advocate, explain, or teach ANYTHING...and it wasn’t just for business and education. And it reinforced my decision to make the KnowledgeVision Systems app available FREE in its most basic form (in-app purchases will unlock more powerful features over time), because I’d like to see everyone using it and let the creative applications flourish.”

He adds, “One other thing: we uncovered an interesting bug in Apple’s internal video editing toolkit (called AVFoundation) in IOS -- one that can make edited video that plays back normally on IOS devices and in QuickTime actually have video and audio fall out-of-sync on non-Apple players. Not that Apple would ever admit it was a bug (‘the problem is in all those other players,’ they said, pointing the finger deftly). It took us weeks to isolate the issue and work around it.”

Knovio Features

Now, let’s take a look at the free video presentation app that Kolowich and his team have been working on around the clock. To get an overview, we’ll begin with the 60-second long intro video, “Knovio Mobile - Multimedia Online Presentations Made Easy.”

Knovio for iPad brings the power of video or audio narration to make the online presentation experience richer and more engaging for users’ on-the-go. According to the App Store on iTunes, Knovio’s major features include:

  • Open PowerPoint files in Knovio from email or most IOS cloud storage applications.
  • Record video narration with either the front-facing or rear-facing iPad camera.
  • Record audio narration with either the built-in iPad microphone or a plug-in microphone.
  • View current, next, and previous slides in a slide browser.
  • Automatically import speaker notes from your PowerPoint presentation files.
  • Enter additional speaker notes for each slide using iPad’s keyboard or iPad’s speech-to-text capability.
  • Preview your presentation before publishing.
  • Re-record commentary for any slide or section of your presentation if you need to make a change.
  • Publishes presentations in seconds.
  • All presentations, media, and audio are stored automatically on KnowledgeVision's secure PresentationCloud.
  • Share your multimedia presentation with the world or keep it private.
  • View presentations from any browser -- desktop or mobile -- without special software or app.
  • Each finished presentation gets its own unique URL for sharing in email, on websites, or in blogs.
  • Easy posting to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  • Track how your presentation is being viewed.
  • Get a free KnowledgeVision Personal Edition account with every registration.
  • View, share, and analyze presentations in KVCentral from any desktop or mobile browser. 

KnowledgeVision’s cloud-based services make it easy to create interactive video experiences by synchronizing presentation slides with live web pages, streaming social media and interactive surveys. The Knovio app can be used as a mobile content creation tool for e-learning, content marketing, sales enablement, corporate communications, and investor relations purposes.

Using the iPad to Create Video Content

Is this a really big deal? According to Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research, “Tablet devices such as Apple’s iPad have established their reputation as the ultimate content consumption platform, but the perception is that tablets cannot be used to capture or create content.” He adds, “Using an iPad App, such as Knovio, to capture video and easily add it to a presentation, represents the next step forward in the Tablet Era.” Okay, so how does it work?

Knovio for iPad can create an online video presentation in three simple steps:

  1. Use Knovio to open any PowerPoint presentation from mail attachments or cloud storage (such as Dropbox, Box, Evernote, or GDrive);
  2. Turn on your iPad microphone or camera and record your audio or video narration; and
  3. Share it by emailing it, tweeting it, or posting it to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. 

Now, it’s probably a good time to watch the 90-second long walk-through video, “Getting Started with the Knovio for iPad Online Presentation App.”

I’ve known Kolowich for a long time. (How long? Well, we were trapped together for a week during the Blizzard of ’78.) And I think my old friend has found a way to radically simplify video presentation technology so much that literally ANYONE can use it to pitch, explain, or teach anything. And he’s also found a way to get the economics to the point where anyone can AFFORD to use it to pitch, explain, or teach with video. These are very significant developments for anyone in my line of work. (If anyone asks what I do for a living, my wife likes to say, “He sells air.” However, I truly believe the Knovio mobile online video presentation app for the iPad will enable me to sell fresh mountain air with just a hint of spruce.)

Let me give Kolowich the last word. After all, he leaked this story to me. So, I owe him at least that courtesy. Kolowich says, “PowerPoint is the universal medium used by everyone to pitch ideas, explain concepts, teach courses and advocate for their causes.” He concludes, “However, a presentation deck without a person to narrate it is almost guaranteed to fall flat. Knovio for iPad gives everyone who has an iPad the ability to easily record and tell the story behind their presentation and then share it with the world as a multimedia experience.”

You can download the Knovio video app from iTunes right now.

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  • Frank Burns

    Years ago, I got a lot of mentions by Google that video was coming but back then Greg, there wasn't a page setup like this that actually helps you to create a video. I am impressed by the sheer volume you share in the ReelSEO tips area and that should be enough Information to bring out the best in all of us. Thank You All.

  • Frédéric

    Adding voice over and video face is a feature already available on ppt and keynote.
    Few people use it because it is not as simple as it is said to be a good actor.

  • Rafael Perez

    Wow, an app just to add your face to a PPT presentation? Now incredible is this, huh!