Video Production for Real Estate - Interview With WellcomeMat

Video Production for Real Estate   Interview With WellcomeMat

We have spent a good amount of time covering some of the popular local online video platforms focused on providing online video marketing and video production services for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs)., is an online video production network specifically focused on the Real Estate industry and I had the pleasure of interviewing both co-founders of the business - Christian Sterner and Phil Thomas DiGiulio at the Kelsey Group's Interactive Local Media Conference.

Despite the current state of the Real Estate market throughout the nation, Christian tells us that their business does not seem to be suffering.

"Actually, It's been nothing but an acceleration at this point," states Christian.  "In a period of rising inventory in the real estate space, you need to stand out more...  The people that are being smart, are spending more money and standing out more.  The number 1 thing that we hear from real estate professionals is, 'I don't loose listings against people that don't use video.'"

Phil (who we have interviewed in the past and had many excellent insights to share) answered one of our questions about the importance of distribution and video SEO for SMBs that are doing online video marketing in the real estate arena.  We think this is an excellent answer:

"Context is king...  In the real estate space, that means having video in places where the consumers are looking for that content.  Your video doesnt have to be on Youtube and many of the other sites where, yes, people might be looking for video but not neccessarily for homes for sale."

Thanks to both Christian and Phil for taking the time to speak with us at ReelSEO ;-)

We also would like to thank our friends over at VideoAgency who were kind enough to provide us with a filmmaker for this event.

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