Interview With Jivox's Diaz Nesamoney - Online Video Advertising for SMBs

Back in November, we had the pleasure of being the media sponsor for the Kelsey Group's ILM:08 (Interactive Local Media) conference.  At the conference, there were more online video vendors than ever before, with several in the exhibition hall demonstrating their products.  We were fortunate to be able to catch up with Diaz Nesamoney, the CEO and Founder of Jivox, for a short on-camera interview.

Diaz talks to us about what differentiates their solution when compared to other video marketing solutions available to SMBs.

"For a lot of businesses, just creating an ad and putting on their website or loading it up to video sharing sites... doesn't really get them the audience that they need.  ... One of our biggest strengths is taking it from there and distributing it.  We serve it on over 600 different websites with an audience of about 65 million unique visitors..."

Diaz also talks about their recent partnership with and about the importance of targeting video ads and optimizing videos for SMBs in order to reach the right audience - one thing we love to hear at ReelSEO.

One capability of Jivox that I wasn't aware of until our interview, is that they now offer custom video production capabilities for SMBs through a recent partnership with PixelFish.  I think that this is great news.  There is clearly a market for slideshow video ads, but at the same time, nothing conveys the brand of a business better than a custom video featuring footage of their business, their personality, their brand, etc...  With that in mind, I should mention that it is not yet clear from their homepage that they offer this new capability.  None-the-less, this is good news.

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Sincere thanks to Diaz for taking the time to talk to our readers ;-)

  • Andy G

    I have noticed most SMB’s are thrown back a little about the cost of quality custom production. I guess this model would be ok for some businesses in the SMB sector.

    Jivox is priced pretty low and that explains why they are offering stock video that 100 other businesses can use.

    We strive to offer our clients the best rates WITHOUT negatively impacting production quality. On some occasions we absorb production costs and offer a CPM model to folks that don’t want to invest in the production due to unfamiliarity with video search marketing.

    We can target specific demographics and provide tracking and reporting on all of your video content.

    I guess you could call us pay for performance VSEO!

    Jivox – get started for as little as $250 – stock videos
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    Always research your options first. 

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