Hubze is an Internet marketing company with a suite of Facebook tools that help individuals and businesses customize their fan pages. The company has posted over 250 videos to their YouTube channel--instructional, educational, training, etc. And now all 250 have effectively disappeared from public view, because Hubze's YouTube account has been suspended without warning

David Foster writes that aside from one email notifying them of the suspension, they have received no other contact from YouTube whatsoever, despite a few attempts to get a reply. Here's the image he shared of the email YouTube sent:

Internet Marketing Companys YouTube Account Suspended Without Warning hubzeyoutubesuspended 600x290

Foster seems to think the suspension is related to his company being in the Internet Marketing business. That perhaps YouTube is cracking down, for some reason, on that industry. In particular, he wonders if the punishment is connected to Hubze's use of the word YouTube in video titles.

According to Foster, there is activity on Twitter suggesting he's far from the only one experiencing this problem. And yet, despite having all-original content and never having been in anything but good standing with YouTube, they are now shut out for six months. Presumably, the account will be reinstated at that point. But if Hubze is never told what they did wrong, how can they be expected to avoid doing it again in the future?

And regardless of what the email says about a suspension, if you go looking for Hubze's channel on YouTube, you get the message below that says the account is terminated--not suspended:

Internet Marketing Companys YouTube Account Suspended Without Warning hubzeterminated 600x70

How many other "Internet Marketing" companies are in danger of a similar fate? The truth is that there's simply no way to know until-or-unless Hubze gets more information from YouTube on why this occurred. It's entirely possible it's just a mistake. After all, Rebecca Black's "Friday" video was a $2.99 rental for a brief period this week, and I'm quite sure that wasn't on purpose.

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What kind of violation could be so severe as to deserve account termination, but so innocuous as to escape the account-holder's view?

The Next Move For Hubze?

In the most recent up date (as of this writing) at the bottom of Foster's post, the suspension has lasted more than 24 hours and he has yet to hear back from anyone at YouTube. So he's doing something that should make some of you proud: he's going to make a video about it and post it to a different YouTube account.

If he can get enough attention to the video, he just might have a shot at getting someone at the video company to at least explain the suspension. I'll try and remember to post that video here when he launches it.

For now, they're in the process of moving their videos to Vimeo, at least until they can get the whole mess sorted out with YouTube. Foster also wonders aloud how they should feel about advising clients to use YouTube as a service moving forward. And you can't really blame him. Think about what a hassle it is to find all 250 original video files locally and re-upload to another service... and if Hubze can't find out why it happened, they can't exactly keep it from happening for their customers either.

UPDATE: Per the update from Hubze on their original blog post, YouTube has reactivated their account. However, there was one offending video that was removed. And Hubze's suspicions were correct: the word "YouTube" in the video's title is what caused the problem. Apparently that's against the rules, though plenty of videos exist with "YouTube" in the title that have not been pulled.

  • Ruth Smith

    Hi Jeremy,

    After reading "Internet Marketing Company’s YouTube Account Suspended Without Warning", I am appealing to you and many others to help address this growing trend of YouTube's suspending legit, 'law-abiding' channel's.

    The channel is and you can see the cached image here:

    We have original content (Jonathan Emile is an artist so it's his music videos that are posted), we didn't get 3 strikes or anything having to do with copyright claims. Can you please help? We have exhausted every YouTube form possible. Our social network with the fans is largely tied into YouTube.

    Jonathan Emile's YouTube Channel has:

    2,671,245 upload views.
    32130 Subscribers.

    The Channel was suspended on Monday, October 17, 2011 in the afternoon and we really need it back. This is the message you will see if you try to go to his channel:

    "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content."

    Over a year ago there was one strike on Jonathan's account for a video that was taken down, but no more strikes since then. Also, earlier this year there was someone who tried to claim copyright to Jonathan's music but that was quickly resolved as Jonathan had proof that all of it was his. In addition, someone hijacked his Facebook account and that was a story in a half where we ended up going to the news after exhausting every avenue with reaching out to Facebook. After that Facebook quickly gave him back control of his fan Page (at the time it had over 80,000 fans and now it's at over 155,000 fans). Something they said was impossible before the media was contacted.

    NEWS SOURCES (re: Jonathan Emile vs. Facebook)

    Video of clip from CBC news:

    Article printed in the Montreal Gazette (posted via Global News):

    One of the blogs that picked up on our story:

    Links about Jonathan Emile:


    Facebook Page:

    Official Website:

    Record Label:

    YouTube: *currently taken down*.

    I just want to be clear that this (the JonathanEmile channel suspension), happened without warning. He got a call from a friend who noticed it was down and wanted to know why and he can no longer access his YouTube channel because of the suspension. Also, only one of the videos on his channel was a remix of a song (plus - this is not a "copyright" claim it's a "community guidelines" issue, according to YouTube...with no other explanation. We combed through all of the content prior to posting it on the YouTube channel and look at what has happened).

    Again, I want to point out that on YouTube Jonathan Emile has over a million of views, thousands of subscribers and original, appropriate material that meets YouTube’s criteria (via his suspended channel). We do not spam or solicit people for money, etc. We have branded an artist, Jonathan Emile, and shared his music via our independent label Mindpeacelove Records. We have invested money in making quality videos and although the content belongs to us the sad reality is that at the end of the day if YouTube decides to take us down, whether it is a mistake or a conscious decision, they can take our online presence away and all our subscribers with it. I could understand if we broke a law or violated some code but that was and is not the case. To have our YouTube account suspended or terminated is a huge blow to our company and something I now believe should be brought to the attention of the public. It is my hope that YouTube/Google will be more user-friendly when shutting down accounts to ensure that those that are wrongfully penalized (we all know that mistakes happen), have an avenue other than the media to communicate with them to save their good channels (those that meet guidelines but were shut down anyway). Social media is only going to continue to expand in the future and it is better to establish positive relationships with the average user whenever possible to foster good relationships. We may be 'users' but the advertisers want us and millions of dollars are made with us playing a huge role in that. We should not be ignored.

    Side note: Some of the professional music videos were sponsored by a CPA company called 'Adscend Media'...NOT Google's affiliate "Adsense"...I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I am now begining to wonder if there could be some connection with us having the support of an 'outside' marketer and the promotion they gain from our videos, and Youtube/Google cracking down on these "outsiders" who in return equals zero profit for them. Just a thought.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you require any more information about Jonathan Emile and his YouTube Channel. Thank you again for taking the time to read this.



  • Brandondorf Raguz

    I think only three strikes results in your account suspended.

  • sbcjr

    Same thing happened just a few days ago to Darren Rowse, one of the biggest bloggers on the's scary- no warning, no explanation, and they make you look like a malicious criminal.

  • Abigail Carter

    As an video producer for an internet marketing company this scares me as well... if our or any of our clients' pages ever got taken down we'd be lost. I hope they get an answer soon. Please keep an update!

  • William Peck

    I gotta admit, this scares the hell out of me. I want to know what they did wrong. If my account got suspended like that I'd be totally screwed.

  • Varvid

    Unless they were revealing YouTube secrets (or were determined by an algorithm to be revealing YouTube secrets), this must be a mistake. Hundreds of YouTube accounts are used for commercial/marketing purposes, and it isn't against the Community Guidelines. I hope Hubze gets an answer on this, because if the ban was intentional and related to their content, it could mean big things for the rest of the businesses on YouTube.

    -Riley Adamson
    [email protected]

  • Jules

    does one strike expiring in 6 months mean shut out for 6 mths, or does it mean that you have a warning but if you behave that 1 strike will be erased and you are back to zero.. it's vague. I realise they have been shut out but this could have been if they found other videos they didn't like after the 1 strike note went out effectively killing the channel. I have had similar issues ):

    • Casey Zeman

      one strike means that it is lifted after 6 months Jules. 

  • tdhurst

    Aren't you not supposed to use YouTube accounts for commercial purposes?