Interactive and Clickable Video Drives E-Commerce Conversions

Remember when video was going to be interactive and we'd all click on Jennifer Aniston's sweater to buy one for ourselves? Well, that day is gone, but hotspotting is finally taking off thanks to Web video. Hotspotting refers to clicking on an object in a video to get more information on it or even to buy it, and now brands and media companies are using the technology for direct selling in their Web videos. Companies like ConciseClick, VideoClix and ClikThrough are reporting tremendous engagement rates and purchase rates with their clickable capabilities. As a result, marketers from Mattel to Macy's are making their videos clickable, Daisy Whitney reports. For all the details on how hotspotting works, who's using it and what the powerful early data might mean for brands, check out this week's episode of the New Media Minute.

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About the Author -
By day, Daisy Whitney is a producer, on-air correspondent, podcaster and raconteur in the new media business. She produces conferences for iMedia and provides strategy consulting to businesses on their online video presence and the online video marketplace. As a reporter, Daisy covers new media for NBC’s KNTV,, Beet.TV, MediaPost and others. She also hosts the top-ranked iTunes audio podcast “This Week in Media,” which you should totally subscribe to. View All Posts By -

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  • Abe McCallum

    Thanks Daisy,

    Another great piece! Appreciate all the support as all of us breakdown the walls around video and bring interactivity to the next level!

    • Daisy Whitney

      Hi Abe! So glad you enjoyed it. Keep up the good work and keep me posted on the next set of compelling numbers!

  • Nadav Zin

    2010 will definitely be the year of clickable video, but to bring real value for retailers one has to move beyond a static hotspotting tool set and into a dynamic engagement platform with a tighter integration to the retailer's eCommerce backend; true real-time video commerce.

    • Daisy Whitney

      Interesting point, Nadav. Would love to hear more about how true real-time commerce gets implemented

      • Nadav Zin

        In a true real-time video commerce, product information is not static (i.e., set during authoring and then left for the remaining lifecycle of the video) but rather dynamically changing in response to events that take place in the retailer's catalogue, inventory and promotion systems. This way hotspots could be suppressed when the product is out of stock, replaced with substitutions when the item is discontinued or get highlighted while in promotion. All that, without manual intervention by a developer or content manager.

        Dynamic hotspotting also allows for ad-hoc internationalisation and personalisation, but that is a different story :-)

        • Dish Esef

          Quite right! I've seen dynamic tagging/updating on a showcase of – Nadav. It displayed live Twitter information on characters of a Big Brother programme, and new dynamic swf apps for video tags, which allow linking to product db's and such.

          It is happening, it seems.

  • Steven Beninger

    There are a lot of video hotspotting startups in the field right now, but only a few seem to be doing something really meaningful within the ecommerce space. Youtube is obviously trying to crack the code, but I expect that will be more about CPA ad revenue than actual ecommerce. Zappos is now delivering video through, so it will be interesting to see how that evolves.

    • Daisy Whitney

      Hi Steven:

      I agree — I definitely will keep my eye on Zappos and Overlay.


  • Brendan Wenzel

    That is too cool. I can think of a thousand different applications for that with my clients and my own services. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Michel Robichaud

    Its Ok but need more features!!!!!

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