How To Integrate Online Video Ads And TV Ads

How To Integrate Online Video Ads And TV Ads

What do you get when you combine a $500,000 online video buy with a $2.6 million TV campaign? A 14% percent boost in reach, an 18% jump in frequency and an 11% reduction in the cost of the impressions. Or so says YuMe, the online video network that partnered with Nielsen to study effectiveness of a cross-platform campaign. For details on how online video boosted the efficiency of TV, check out this week's New Media Minute.

Combining Online Video Ads With TV Ads

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With spending for online video ads expected to leap 40% this year to $3.1 Billion, new studies are being conducted and new ad formats are rolling out. The latest news comes from the ad network, YuMe, which conducted a joint study with Nielsen to measure the effects of online video when combined with a TV ad campaign.

The result was that the combo campaign increases reach in the desired 35-54 demo by 7%, with the marketer reaching more than 6 million additional consumers in that target demo that it was not reaching with TV ads alone.

YuMe said the efficiency of the online video portion of the campaign was nearly double that of the TV portion, in terms of the cost needed to reach prospective customers. Brand recall also improved with online video--a boost of 22%.

Of course this is just one campaign, and one study... but there is some serious momentum behind online video ad platforms and networks trying to snag TV dollars or at least trying to become a more meaningful part of larger buys.

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