Throughout the past year, we've witnessed the rapid rise of online video studios and multi-channel Youtube networks. Companies that were relatively unknown just a few years ago have become established as major video programming brands with thousands of network channel partners and billions of cumulative video views.  Because these network models are new and rapidly evolving, many creators have questions regarding what exactly defines a YouTube network, why a creator should or should not join one, and how they make money both for the network and for the creator.

ReelSEO Interview with Steve Raymond of Big Frame

For this week's Creator's Tip video, I had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Raymond, CEO and co-founder of the YouTube network, Big Frame.  I asked him to help us answer some of these questions by giving an inside look at what YouTube multi-channel networks are all about.

Thanks to Steve for taking the time!


    Steve Raymond is very genuine. Such a breath of fresh air to see him speak so honestly!

  • Rob Sandie

    Keep the interviews coming! Absolutely killing it!