Metacafe Is The Leading Destination for Independent Online Video Content

Metacafe Is The Leading Destination for Independent Online Video ContentMetacafe solidified its position as the world's leading independent online video site with 37.1 million unique monthly viewers worldwide and 7.4 million unique monthly viewers in the U.S. during the month of August, as reported in the recently released comScore Media Metrix data. Worldwide, traffic to Metacafe in August grew 37.7% year-over-year, including an 8.7% increase over the previous month. This makes Metacafe the third-largest video site in the world overall.

"The numbers underscore that we're doing something right in a meaningful way," said Jack Rotherham, senior vice president of strategic sales and partnerships for Metacafe. "By delivering only the best in short-form video entertainment, we make it easy for people to find videos they enjoy and we provide a brand-safe environment for marketers."

Over the past several months Metacafe has teamed with a number of top creators and aggregators of made-for-the-web content -- including companies such as 60 Frames, Aniboom,, Comedy Time, GamePro Media, Howcast and -- to help develop short-form video as a new entertainment genre and lucrative media business. By packaging and promoting this content, which appeals to a variety of demographic segments, Metacafe is creating sponsorship opportunities for advertisers who want to integrate their brands into the entertainment experience and add social media to their marketing mix.

"Short-form is poised to take its place as the third pillar of the video entertainment industry, alongside television and movies," said Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe. "We're focused on making it easy to find and enjoyable to watch great short videos, and that focus has made Metacafe the leading independent online video site in the U.S. and around the world."

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  • Julian

    Metacafe is a great site! Although it's the third-largest video site currently, I can see Metacafe becoming the largest presence, as it's model seems more focused, less haphazard than Youtube. We at are trying to focus on adding all our video content to Metacafe before we think about Youtube - the SEO benefits from metacafe seem more immediate.