Video on Demand is all the rage. So using it to market your company is a great idea. Sending massive video attachments is not. That's where ImageMind comes in.

ImageMind provides high-quality streaming video email direct to recipients, worldwide, without sending file attachments and without using a public viewing hosting site. That's pretty neat actually.

Basically it has a tool which connects your web cam, allows you to import pre-existing video clips and more to make a personal video message that is then dropped into emails. The messages head out to any mobile device, phone, mailing list or email address.  The video gets sent in a native format (for mobile devices) or in a high quality stream if on a computer.

They currently offer an unlimited video email for $3. Here's more information about their service.

Video Express Email

Includes unlimited video email sending without file attachments. The video quality will adjust to the Internet connection of your recipient. Record direct from your web cam or import video files from your digital camera. Additional features are listed at the bottom of this page.

Video Express Mobile

Includes the features of Video Express Email with the option to send to mobile devices and cell phones. Video emails sent to mobile devices can send for recipients to access the message via their email or picture messaging (mms).

Video Express Blaster

Includes the features of Video Express Email with the option to send your video message to your email list. Standard Blaster allows you to send up to 15 emails at once in a Blast. You can upgrade to Blaster Plus and send up to 500 at one time. All Blaster Plus accounts also provides the video emails to send from your own mail server.

Video Express Pro

Includes the features of Video Express Email combined with the features of Video Express Mobile and Video Express Blaster. All features in one professional version so you can take control of your video email sending to anyone, anywhere at anytime.  .

Video Express Overall Features Lists

  • Use your current email address
  • High quality video email messages without file attachments
  • Send unlimited streaming video emails
  • Records direct from web cam or import video from digital camera
  • Compatible with any desktop or web based email software
  • Easy to use, click play to record, stop to end your video message
  • Import various video, music and voice files and send as video message
  • Video quality adjusts to the Internet connection of your recipient
  • Quick install and begin sending personal video email
  • Pure private email system, no posting to public sites like YouTube
  • Record up to 35 minutes per email
  • Email notification when recipient plays your message
  • Create your own personal video library
  • Customized your video display with your own photo
  • Customized your video with hotlink to your personal website
  • Pause while recording and resume
  • Record over existing message until you have it just right
  • Proprietary encryption protecting your personal video messages
  • Configure your web cam recording properties
  • Configure your audio recording properties
  • Video message recording timer
  • Selectable from multiple video/audio record devices
  • Personal address book
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I'd be interested in running some tests to see how well it works. Hey John Cruz (Founder of ImageMind) drop me a line and we'll chat! I've got some ideas how to implement this at Gamers Daily News.

  • jamiefresh

    I dont know how this is better than sending out a image which links back to your video hosted on its own webpage. You can get way better traking using a simple CRM than your listed features. Tell me why I should switch?

  • John Weaver

    I tried their demo and was surprised to find that the video is not actually in the email. Instead, the email contains a link to an ImageMind page containing the video. This seems very misleading to me - my company wants to put video IN THE EMAIL - not a click away. This product (as far as I can tell, and please correct me if I'm wrong) does not do this.

  • John

    Nice article and yes, I am a believer that streaming video email will only grow in the market. What are your ideas?

    John Cruz
    [email protected]

  • John Weaver

    After reading this post I immediately went to their website. My first impression wasn't that great - the site design is circa 2001 (clicking a link opens a new window? Really?). I was pleased to see they offer trial software. I clicked the link and, after going through a couple more cruddy windows (a thin column of text down the left side of my screen), I downloaded the app (had to use IE...Firefox repeatedly failed to find the download page).

    Long story short - I sent myself a test email using their software. I wasn't able to import my own video - I had to use their default video of a rose opening. I sent emails to my work email (which uses Outlook) and to my Hotmail account. In both cases, the video IS NOT IN THE EMAIL. Rather, there is a link to the video on ImageMind's site.

    I was under the impression that the video would be IN the email. My company can already send links - why should I pay them to do the same thing? I'm sorry - my first impression with this product is pretty poor. If I've missed something important, please let me know.