Hulu Traffic Growth Slows, Dramatically hulu logo spiced up 200x150 Ok so, Hulu, who recently had a row with Nielsen over traffic numbers, is suddenly not the high flyer that it once was. I'm sure it's nothing serious and might even just be a bump in the road partly due to a lot of series wrapping up for the summer months. Less totally new content means less totally new viewers right?

Well according to the latest ComScore numbers (because Hulu doesn't play well with Nielsen) it looks like that rocket-like growth may have hit the glass ceiling. The land of the double-digit month-to-month growth numbers may soon face into oblivion for the video service.

After booking some amazing numbers earlier in the year (42% visitor growth Jan/Feb, 14% Feb/March) it looks like they may have reached their peak with a loss of visitors March to April, approximately 1.4 million to be somewhat exact (streams were still up, maxing at 397 million in Apri).

Sure many shows were still on the air back in April so that might not have been a big culprit in the decline. Perhaps playoff season beginning for both the NHL and NBA had something to do with it along with the beginning of the MLB season.

Some ways for them to turn around the drop off could include the addition of Disney and ABC material to the site thanks to their recent investment as part-owner. They might also beef up their offering by opening the vaults and pouring forth a proverbial flood of old shows that they've been holding back.

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I'm sure that there's no panic currently at Hulu as they just released their Hulu Desktop which is surely going to take more people off the site but still keep them in Hulu's back pocket.

  • Aaron

    Hulu fail, that's the dumbest f%#*&!ng thing I ever heard. Short of destroying their servers or shutting down the internet, Hulu will not fail. It's a major business venture started by NBC and FOX and in a very short period of time has become ingrained in peoples lives, mostly those who aren't able to watch their favorite shows at the time they're on. As for the slope in traffic, Television in general receives a slump in viewership during the "Midseason" because of sports and lack of new programming or quality programming. In the fall it will pick up again just like before. As for the glass ceiling theory, the only glass ceiling is bandwidth, Internet TV is the wave of the future with on demand programming and user preferenced commercials. There have been countless internet revolutions ever since the creation of URL and HTML, with .com's exploding into full fledged corporations. Hulu is just that new and awesome Idea that is taking off, much like YouTube with it's short clips and hilarious videos.

    • Mark R Robertson

      Amen to that