Maybe Hulu's membership experiment, Hulu Plus, is going better than we thought it was.  After roughly six months (Hulu Plus rolled out in April), the service is no longer "invitation-only." You no longer have to wait to be accepted and anyone can now sign up—though it's still technically a "preview.”

Just a few weeks ago we started hearing rumblings that Hulu was strongly considering a price drop for Plus membership, from $9.95 to $4.95 per month.  But that hasn't happened yet, and there are some signs that it might not happen at all.

Hulu has been adding new content lately, including episodes from new shows like No Ordinary Family, The Event, Raising Hope.  They've also added older episodes for popular hit series like Battlestar Galactica, Monk, & Psych.

The biggest knock on Hulu Plus is that Netflix offers customers more content to choose from for the same price point.  While lowering the price is certainly one way to make the service more attractive to potential customers, so is increasing the content those users can access.

Giving consumers more flexibility is a fantastic strategy as well, and Hulu is doing that by also making Hulu Plus available to all Playstation 3 owners (previously it was only available to gamers with Playstation Plus accounts).  And they're rolling it out to owners of Sony Bravia televisions as well, starting with 2010 models and working back to eventually cover all Bravia devices.

I still think that my $10 buys me more at Netflix than it does at Hulu Plus, but the content disparity between the two services is narrowing.  It's also still entirely possible that Hulu plans to lower the cost of Plus at some point in the near future, which would probably make some waves.  And that's ultimately a good thing for consumers, who almost always benefit from a healthy competition.

  • Julie

    Why not have both? That's what I plan to do once Hulu-Plus is live on Roku. Even with the occasional ad, I like on-demand programming.

  • Davidhunson

    hulu plus is a joke unless u dont mind watching commerciels,also programs are limited,,the straming loads up every 2 to 3 minutes for about 30 to 50 seconds,hulu should use the same tech for programing as for commerciels comerciels do not load up,when my free trial ends hulu is gone,netflix is the real deal,,,hulu has a way to go,should be free till they get out the bugs

    • Mark Robertson

      They have commercials on the Plus Version? That bites - agreed... But - I
      think Netflix content is awful.. I honestly cant find a single thing that I
      really want to watch so thanks for the reminder that I need to cancel that
      trial. Thanks for your comments

    • Nathan Evans

      Agreed with David here, the streaming halts at least half a dozen times in a half hour episode and often there is a long delay for the advertising to serve properly (watching through a Sony BluRay player). In contrast, Netflix screams on the same device and connection. Will likely cancel soon if they can't work out the bugs...

  • Glide

    You seem to miss the point in your comparison of Hulu+ and Netfix, both of which I love and subscribe to. Hulu+ offers current season TV episodes while, to the best of my knowledge, Netflix offers no current season TV episodes. Unless Netflix begins to offer current season episodes, there;s no comparison.

    • sam

      this is sooo true. hulu offers only current tv shows while netflix lacks current shows....take your pick.