In a glorious and unabashed cash grab, Sony and Hulu have teamed up to yank a lot of your hard earned cash out of your wallets and into their overflowing vaults thanks to the Hulu Plus preview that became available to some US Playstation 3 owners today.

So for those not in the gaming know...Sony recently announced Playstation Plus, a premium pay-to-play version of their has-always-been-free online service for the Playstation 3. What does it get you? I won't bore you with lists of early-access game betas and free trials of full games because today's news was the cherry on top...for the companies, not the gamers.

Oh, the Playstation Plus service is $50 a year, remember that when you see the pricing below.

Hulu Plus Preview Hits US Sony Playstation 3, Users Must Pay Twice To View sony hulu dollar

The Spin

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC and Hulu, an online video service offering an expanded selection of television shows and movies, announced that the Hulu Plus preview will begin today on the PlayStation 3 in the United States with the consumer release of Hulu Plus available to all PS3 owners set to occur in the coming months. PS3 is the first and only console with dedicated gaming functionality that will offer Hulu Plus in 2010. Hulu Plus will deliver a library of high-definition (HD) content including full seasons of popular TV shows and blockbuster movies from nearly 150 leading content companies. Content on Hulu Plus is complementary to the more than 23,000 movies and TV episodes already available on the PlayStationStore.

Starting today, a select group of PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain access to a preview version of Hulu Plus for an additional $9.99 per month. All PlayStation Plus subscribers may download the free Hulu Plus application and, within it, request an invitation to the exclusive preview.

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General availability of Hulu Plus in the United States is expected in the coming months on the PS3 computer entertainment system and additional Sony Electronics Internet-connected entertainment devices, including select BRAVIA TVs and Blu-ray Disc players.

Hulu Plus Preview Hits US Sony Playstation 3, Users Must Pay Twice To View sony hulu dollar

The Kick in the Teeth

Yes folks, you read right. But let me sum it up.

Those of us who have Sony Playstation 3's and who want some added value have to pay $50 a year for Playstation Plus.

Those of us who want to see the Hulu Plus Preview, have to pay $50 to get considered "good enough" for it so that you can then shell out $120 a year extra.

I think what they mean by "a select group of Playstation Plus subscribers" is - those who have little concept of value and lots of expendable income... like say, all the execs at Sony and Hulu. Wait a second, they probably don't need to pay anyway. Great! Each one of them should pay for a full year of Playstation Plus and Hulu Plus and then give them away in marketing to help gamers swallow this bitter pill.

  • Christophor Rick

    Just heard this on a Webinar with eMarketer:

    Hulu Plus will have the same number of ads as the free service does now while the free service will double it's ad load... Yep, you're going to pay, to see advertisements.

    • JC

      Now that SUCKS! What's the benefit for shelling out the fee... That doesn't make sense at all.

    • Davad Sneed

      At least the Hulu ads are short and you can tell them what sort of things you are interested in being marketed to. The same show on my cable DVR can have up to 5 minutes during 1 ad break late in the show. I would however, rather hook my laptop up to my tv than pay the extra PS3 fee.

      • Gillian

        Sure the ads are short, but it's really easy to end up watching the same ad multiple times if you move to different spots in a show you are watching. THen, add in the paying to seeing that ad 2x when u were just trying to see what was said in the last scene...

    • Davad Sneed

      Oh, I forgot, I also have that I can use to see hulu without the extra network charge. There is a glitch with browsing the plus content, but it's easy to work around on Hulu's website. I've gotten a lot of use out of the app. Now if only my sony blu-ray player would start seeing it properly I could get it in two rooms without having to cart my PS3 to another room.

    • TP

      You pay to see advertisements on cable to. And its alot more usually about $100 for cable. Id much rather pay 9.99 to see 2 30sec ads during a show than 15 min of ads during a show on cable!

  • JC

    Wait a minute... If I could get Hulu Plus on my PS3, I could ditch Comcast, the REAL evil in cafeteria television at $50.00 + dollars a month and that's not even with decent HD content lineup... So $9.99 sounds reasonable to me... I'll save nearly $600.00 a year. I could actually afford to buy a movie or two with those kind of savings and not feel guilty about it... Just Sayin'

  • Bluestreak2

    I can't tell if he's complaining about Hulu+ being so expensive or Playstation+
    I don't get it... there are already plenty of people paying practicly the exact same thing that you just described for Netflix on the xbox360. What's the difference?
    I understand that PS3 gets Netflix at no additional cost than what Netflix charges, but isn't Hulu+ the exact same thing once this preview is over? While you'll still need to have Gold to view either on 360 when they eventually get Hulu+ themselves.

  • @steveplunkett

    xbox, cough xbox

    • Tim Schmoyer

      But Xbox Live is already $50/year plus the $10 for Hulu Plus, so it'll be the same price whenever that comes out. It just sounds bad because PS3 users are used to "Free."

      • earaiden

        Well basically the PSN is still free out of the box (play online etc etc), the $50 is to access to "exclusives" betas and demos before they actually hit the general public. And Hulu plus is going to be released for the non Playstation Plus subscribers later on.
        Meanwhile the xbox live you still have to loose those $50 so you can play online and use Hulu Plus and Netflix. (money that neither of those company's receive).

        • Christophor Rick

          Really? Netflix and Hulu receive no money? Where did you get that information? You still have to pay for Netflix, it's not added into LIVE, so they're making more than enough money.

          Plus, as I stated in the article there are advantages to Playstation Plus, but this is not a gaming forum ergo I did not go through the list. But, paying $50 to get "exclusive" betas and demos? That's just silly in my opinion when you can get beta access usually with a pre-order of the game. As for a demo, I would never pay just to get early access to a demo of a game...

          Finally, smart, frugal gamers will never pay $50 for Xbox LIVE Gold. I have 2 years of membership stored up at present and never paid more than $30 for a year just by keeping my eye open on Amazon etc. That's $2.50 a month and I rarely ever play online to begin with heh.

          The only value I see in Playstation Plus, which again was not the purpose of the post, is the short-term access to full games on demand.

          However, here the list of what was available for the 13 July PSN update:

          PlayStation Plus

          LittleBigPlanet – Sackboy Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus
          File size: 100 KB

          MAG Raven Dynamic Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
          File size: 2.55 MB

          MAG S.V.E.R. Dynamic Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
          File size: 6.25 MB

          MAG Valor Dynamic Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
          File size: 5.42 MB

          Resistance Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, original price $5.99)

          Gravity Crash (PlayStation Plus price $5.00, original price $9.99)
          **This promotion is only available from the PlayStation Store. Within the Demo, the full game is only available for the original price.

          Notice, there are no actual free games, demos or beta access....

        • ForgedSteel

          You have to be a PS+ member to get the free games. That's what the discounts do depending on the price of the game, please do some research, you are coming off as an ill informed journalist.

      • Christophor Rick

        Having to shell our $400 for a console should have brought with it a free gaming network, don't you agree? Now that the price dropped it's really a way for them to make up the loss on the price of the console over time. It's rather clever in that regard. However, they haven't placed any extra value in it yet. So it's fairly useless (see my other reply for what was available this week).

        I do agree that having to pay $60 for a game on a console, then having to pay to play it online is not right. On top of that, you have companies like EA who run their own servers and will simply shut them off when they see no value in them anymore. It's all about gouging gamers these days. Pay for the console, pay for the online service, pay for the game, pay for add-ons (which are, often, not worth the money). So the real cost of a console game is far more than $60 now. Paying for extra services like video, music etc is's no different than subscribing to a service online or not. But paying, just to have the option to pay for them...that's sort of stupid.

        • ForgedSteel

          @Christopher Rick (I know this is an old post)

          You do not have to pay for the extra stuff that has been added to the PS3, It's optional if you want to use them of course you will have to pay for that but, YOU don't have to use it IF you don't want to! To play online you DO NOT, and i mean DO NOT need PS+ to play online please get you're facts straight and do more research on the subject before making a blind post about it. If that's not the field you are in please do not comment on things you don't know about.

          You can watch movies with the web browser and not pay a dime, you don't have to watch movies on Netflix or Hulu there is so many options that the PS3 has to offer for people who like different things.

          And again, PS3's gaming network will always be free, anything not game related you might have to pay, and sometimes you won't have to. IT'S OPTIONAL i hope you can understand that.

        • Christophor Rick

          Hey PSFanboy (that's you, the anonymous, ForgedSteel),Perhaps you should do two things before you post, research, as you suggested, and read... which you apparently did not.Let's address the reading part, shall we?What does it get you? I won’t bore you with lists of early-access game betas and free trials of full games because today’s news was the cherry on top…for the companies, not the gamers.Huh, it seems like I did do research didn't I? Not convinced? What about this?Those of us who have Sony Playstation 3′s and who want some added value have to pay $50 a year for Playstation Plus.Added value...see what that says right there? It doesn't say "to keep using our PS3 as we have been," it says "Added value."Alright, now on to your lack of research skills...I am the CEO of GDN. That stands for Gamers Daily News. Before that, I was the Editor-in-Chief. Prior to that I was VP of Business Development at Generation: Gamerz. Prior to that, I was just an editor. I've been working in video games journalism some 5 years and been playing games for about 30 years. I am more than qualified (obviously more than you) to write. You seemed to read somewhere in the article I said you need PS+ to play online, yet, looking at the text, it does not say that anywhere, does it? I guess you didn't really read, you just knee-jerked-off a response because someone attacked your beloved Sony.Go away troll. This post is mostly irrelevant now anyway, the Hulu Plus price has changed and PS+ has proven to be a big waste of money thus far (yes I have it and yes it's pretty much junk, unless you're in the UK and a Fallout 3 fan and managed to download all the add-ons during that 2 week time frame when you were able to get them free).Oh right, 2 more points about your lack of reading skills.1) You totally missed the point of the article.2) You spelled my name wrong.