Hulu Is A Mouseketeer

In case you haven't managed to read any of half a dozen places today. Disney has invested in Hulu. No big surprise really, someone was bound to do it sooner or later.

Hulu, that wunderkind of premium video sharing spaces, is now a three-way love fest of major broadcasters including NBC, Fox and now Disney (effectively ABC as well).

One of us is not like the other ones?

Of the major American broadcast corps this now leaves CBS with a tough decision. It's rapidly turning into an after school special where a bunch of big kids gang up and beat down another big kid. Oh wait, that story didn't get aired....yet.

The big loser here, aside from CBS maybe, is YouTube who just got a chop to the windpipe from their main contender and now content stealing competitor. I mean who is going to put their content on YouTube if they are already part owner of Hulu right?

I just wrote the other day that Hulu is now #2. If they pull in CBS in the next couple weeks that could be pretty much the end of YouTube's premium content ramp up. Sure they have a fat stack of content already, but can they hold out against a combined effort from NbFoxNey? I'm putting my money on the mouseketeer for the win.

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