Hulu App for The IPhone? Some Say YesHulu is perhaps one of the coolest and rapidly rising stars in the online video world. Let’s face it, the combination of FOX and NBC is a win.

Now we look at the latest piece of tech that’s taken the world by storm…oh would that be the iPhone? Yeah I think it would be.

So is it a big surprise that someone might want to combine the two into the most awesome iPhone app ever, is it? Well there’s a rumor that it’s going to happen. There are already some video streaming apps available so we know it’s feasible and we also know that iPhone OS 3.0 is going to have a whole lot more video capabilities built in.  So would anyone be surprised if an iHulu app is in the pipeline?

But would Apple let it fly? How many sales on iTunes would be jeopardized if one might get them for free. Heroes? Absolutely.  House,  Chuck,  Kings, yes, yes, yes. The new Knight Rider… NO, who would pay for that anyway?

Is this the advent of a Hulu/iTunes partnership where you have to pay to stream content to your iPhone via Hulu’s servers without Flash? It could be. Techcrunch has already picked up a source that says the Hulu app is a given and they say that it will work over 3G and Wi-Fi which could make it work nearly everywhere. The pay version of a Hulu iPhone app could offset the ‘how do we make money off of this’ problem. Of course if you’re paying for your bandwidth you might not be so happy with pre-roll ads sucking down some extra nickels every time you watched something.

Either way we’re going to have a whole lot more video in our pockets. That is unless you’re one of those people that has already jailbroken your phone, hacked up the OS and installed some other free applications. That voids the warranty of course so you might not want to do that (cough, cough).