Sometimes, going to YouTube to find your favorite channels' new uploads isn't enough.  Either you've missed the new episode because you've been away for awhile, or there's some other issue on YouTube's end where you didn't get the notification in your subscriber box.  Well, there is another way to get a tap on the shoulder when it comes to new uploads.  In the subscriber box, there's a drop-down menu that you may have overlooked because you're probably attracted to all the pretty thumbnails and intriguing titles.  This is how subscribers can get e-mail notifications for new uploads.

How Your Subscribers can Setup Email Notifications for Your Channel

Your subscribers have total control over this, so they can quit any time and are under no obligation to keep it.  This can be really helpful if there are channels of which you absolutely do not want to miss one upload.

If your subscribers want to do this, this is what they need to do:

  • Go to the home page
  • Go to "My Subscriptions."  The current uploads for all the subscribed channels will show up.
  • Go to an upload of the channel in question.  There is an arrow in the right-hand corner of the box it's in:

subscriber box

  • Click on the arrow.

A drop-down box unfurls, which gives them the option to "get an e-mail for each upload from [greatest YouTube channel ever]." A check mark will appear and e-mail notifications will start happening. And if they ever want this madness to stop, they can go right back and un-check it.

subscriber box drop down

Simple as that!

  • sam

    No, this still is not working! I have done this for EVERY SUBSCRIPTION I've ever subscribed to on youtube and I STILL do not get an email for ANY of my subscriptions. I used to but haven't gotten emails for new uploads in the last 1/2 yr or so maybe more. Wth is going on?!?! How can i get emails again!!?? Please update your info with wth is going on with no emails now. tu

  • Andrew Ocean

    I wonder why this isn't automatically set up when someone subscribes?

  • Suresh Kumar

    Awesome tip Tim :) By teaching to subscribers people can't miss their favorite channel videos

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Exactly. That's the idea. :)

      • Bob

        Problem is telling the people that don't check subscriptions.