In this week’s Creator’s Tip episode we talk with Scooter Magruder, a winning Vlogger in this year’s YouTube’s NextUp Program & Contest. Scooter shares with us his advice, tips, and tricks as to how to build and develop an audience in YouTube for your vlog and how to differentiate your vlog so as to stand out from the others.

Advice & Tips from YouTube’s Next Vlogger, Scooter Magruder

ReelSEO: What are some tips and ideas you have for us vloggers to really make the vlogs stand out and do well?

Scooter Magruder: Find someone who inspires you.  Look at their techniques and tips.  Copy the techniques but give them your own personal spin.

Be sure to notice little details in the vlogs you admire including when the music cuts in and out or their intro, backgrounds, etc but let these techniques reflect your own personal style.

RS: Who are some of the one that you guys watch the you learn from?

Scooter Magruder: Look at all types of vloggers.  There is something to be learned from every type of vlog – especially those who are targeting your same target audience.

RS: Can you what outcuts and jet cuts are?

Scooter Magruder: An outcut basically is when you hear the audio before you see the video.  A lot of these vlogs talk really fast when they’re talking and they outcut.  So you can get a  lot more in in a short period of time.  So something to look at is jump cutting and L cutting.  Just search it on YouTube and it really helps out, especially when you’re first starting off.

RS: What about content?  How do you come up with your next idea for your next vlog?

Scooter Magruder: I draw from just life, life experiences.  So things have happened to me, I’ll just want to make a video about it.

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