With the new channel design came some additional challenges and some intriguing possibilities.  On one hand, you have the new "subscribe" trailer, which you can have play on your channel page which will show up only for people who have not yet subscribed.  On the other hand, you have issues concerning the header image which is supposed to conform to all devices: desktop, mobile, TV.  How do you get it all looking good without everything clashing together into one big mess, or leaving too much open space?  Well, we're here to help.

Tips for the New Subscribe Trailer and How to Get That Header Image Looking Sharp

Recently, we discussed the new subscriber trailer and tips for creating one.  Reprinting what was said there, we'll add one more piece of advice:

1. Welcome your guests.  Show appreciation to the viewer for coming to your channel.  A quick salutation, a simple "hi," can go a long way.

2. What are you about?  Immediately get into what your channel does and entice them with video proof.

3. Keep it fast.  Hi, here we are, this is what we do, please subscribe.  Bada-boom, bada-bing.  If you have a longer video in mind, make sure you get the viewer's attention immediately and provide them with a reason to stay around.

4. Add B-Roll.  As alluded to in the 2nd tip, you need to show some highlights from your channel that will get people wanting to subscribe.   Showing is better than saying.

There are new challenges in creating logos and headers for the new design.  You have a small amount of space for mobile, and a huge amount of space for desktop, and even bigger space for TV screens.  On the desktop version, there are spaces that are off limits.  For instance, your avatar/channel logo covers the upper left hand corner of the page and your social media links cover up part of the space on the right.  You need to find a way to create a header that won't clash with those two things.

1. Start with an image that covers the whole thing (a pattern, or something that repeats itself).


2. Go down to center mobile box and image, text, graphics in the smaller box and center it.  Don't go too far to the sides or you'll start bumping into your avatar or social links.


This has been the most common way for those who have adopted the new channel design to get everything looking right.

Any questions or comments about the new channel design?  Leave a comment down below or even better, comment on the video!

  • Bertranddo

    Hey Tim,

    Great article! I was actually pretty surprised by the sudden redesign.. Guess we all have to adapt now!

    I had a question for you.. I can not figure out how to add the floating video thumbnails at the end of a video like you did on the one above around 4:20.. I have taken a screenshot here http://screencast.com/t/gDJ2tvyS

    Could you let me know how do you call those and if you have any resources on your reelseo about it?

    Thanks for all your guys do, I really like the effort you put in creating great content,


  • Matt W.

    Any drawbacks to using your latest video instead of a unique trailer video? For my new videos, most of their initial viewership likely comes from visits to my channel page. It seems like you are losing an opportunity to showcase your latest video (and get more views and likes for it) by showing a trailer instead. All of my videos call for the user to subscribe.

    Also, if we do use an existing video, are we able to disable ads when its viewed on the channel page? The prior pages seemed to offer this, although it never seemed to work properly for me.

  • http://twitter.com/dhensley316 Dustin Hensley

    Can you share the dimensions and guidelines that you used for your graphic? I'm having a hard time finding it around the web. Great article, thanks!