How to Grow Video Views & Increase Video Ads – Tips From AOL Video

How to Grow Video Views & Increase Video Ads   Tips From AOL Video

The placement, context, and library surrounding online video is critical to success in growing video views, said AOL Video's head Ran Harnevo in an exclusive interview with the New Media Minute. He also shared tips on growing ad revenue through content quality, unique formats and a deep understanding of data. For more details, check out the episode! Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this video.

So this week I am pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with the head of AOL Video. Ran Harnevo talked to the New Media Minute about how to grow video views, and also ad dollars–important information.

Content Is Important, But So Is The Context

"So what we learned about what really drives video views–I think one of the most interesting things we learned is that it's not only about the content. I mean, the content means a lot. But it's also about the contextual environment the content lives in."

Video Placement On A Page Matters

"One of the other things we learned which is really interesting, is that the placement of the video within the page matters a lot. And since we syndicate content to so many sites, and our own site, we have to understand:

  • What is the meaning of being above the fold?
  • What is the meaning of being on the right rail or on the mid rail?
  • What is the meaning of having a good thumbnail versus a bad thumbnail if you want people to click on it?

I think that a lot of people are very content-centric, but the placement of the video within the page is also a huge component of how people watch video."

3 Tips For Selling Your Own Video Content Online

Three main tips I can give to sales forces across the Internet, if you really want to start selling your own video content and make a good amount of revenue:

  1. "Don't compromise on content. We see a lot of publishers and a lot of people that are just trying to create scale by taking "Did you see?" content and other stuff–it doesn't work. You need to have a really good library."
  2. "But it's not only about content. I think the ad formats would be the second most important thing. You've got to have premium ad formats. You've got to have an advertising experience that the user is engaged with, which is interactive formats, personalized pre-rolls, and a lot of other stuff that advertisers really love and really need."
  3. "The third thing I would say is understand the data. You have a lot of content, you have a lot of views. You have to understand your demos, you gotta support behavioral targeting, and you have to support data targeting."

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