Google+ Hangouts on Air are a great way to interact with your fans and have a sort of modern-day meet-and-greet over the internet.  Informing people about it is easy, you just tell people when it is and then they'll hopefully show up at the appointed time.  But that can be kind of annoying, looking for a Hangout when a simple link could just take people there.  Since Hangouts was introduced, the link would only appear when the Hangout was ready to go.  Well now, YouTube and Google+ have teamed up so that you can create a link you can send out to all of your followers and it will last forever and ever.

A Permanent Link for Your Google+ Hangout-On-Air

So this is how to get a URL for your Google Hangouts-on-Air well before it's ready to broadcast, so you can send it out in an e-mail list, or Tweet it, and so your followers can also share it.

Take this link:

Replace USERNAME with the name of your channel.

If you don't have a live hangout at the time the link is clicked, it will redirect to your homepage.  If you do have one going, it will direct users straight to the hangout.  This permanent link can always be used for any hangout in the future.

  • Tim Schmoyer

    Hmm... good point, although I'm not sure it's a "sure recipe for losing them." Losing people is probably more reflective of your content than the platform you're suing. Whether that's YouTube or your website, it's just as easy to click away from either place.

    Certainly there are times when using your website makes more sense, though, depending on what you're trying to accomplish with your hangout. Good thought, Yifat!

  • Daryl Hunt

    Thank you for the tip. My question is if somebody arrives at the URL before the Hangout starts and they are directed to your main channel page when the hangout starts do they automatically see it or do they need to keep refreshing their browser?

    • Tim Schmoyer

      This is only a redirect URL, so they'll have to refresh the live URL after your hangout starts.

  • James Worley

    Is there a way to embed a YouTube Player on a website using that URL so that a LIVE broadcast plays automatically on the website?

    • Tim Schmoyer

      I'm not sure, but I don't believe so.

  • Marilyn Kay

    Yes awesome tip, Tim.

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Thanks, Marilyn!

  • Yifat Cohen

    Great tip.
    Once caveat though: Having people watch your HOA on YouTube is a sure recipe for losing them 20-30 min. into it.
    YouTube is too disruptive.
    I prefer hosting the hangouts on my site - where they can stick around, comment, AND - see my CTA :)

  • Frank Schwarz

    Awesome tip. Easy Peasy. Thanks for the tip! Can this be made into a button we can spread around? Just wondering.....

    • Mark Robertson

      I don't see why not. That's a good idea.