This week's Producer Tip shows you how to change your YouTube channel URL! Maybe you're stuck with a channel name you don't really like anymore, but all your videos, views and subscribers are on it already. How can you change your existing channel name to something else on YouTube?

How To Change Your YouTube Channel URL

This week's Producer Tip shows you how to change your YouTube channel URL! Maybe you're stuck with a channel name you don't really like anymore, but all your videos, views and subscribers are on it already. How can you change your existing channel name to something else on YouTube?

Well, you unfortunately can't change your YouTube account name, but you can setup a vanity URL that redirects to your existing channel with a mask.

For example, my personal YouTube channel is:

But I have a vanity URL that uses my name, which is more memorable for people:

It just redirects people to the first channel while hiding my channel's original URL in the address bar.

Watch the video to see how you can set this up. Unfortunately, it is limited to those with a partnered account only.


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This week brings you a Creator's Tip about how to change the URL of your YouTube channel. Hey guys, my name Tim Schmoyer and welcome to this Wednesday's version of Creator's Tip, where every week we just kind of give you guys a little week and you producers how to make your video stand out among all the others here on YouTube and the online video world.

Back in March of 2006, I signed up for my very first YouTube account and I chose something that I probably wouldn't choose today if I could go back and change it. My personal YouTube channel is G-O-D-R-O-X. That was back in the day before people were actually using their real names on the Internet. But I've got it now and it's partnered and I don't want to move away from it because all my videos, my views, and my subscribers and everything are on that channel. But I wish I could point people to a different URL.

And thankfully, YouTube has an option for this for those of you guys who are partnered. The way it works is fairly simple. When someone types your vanity URL to the address bar, it redirects with a mask to your old channel. What it means is that it will actually show your channel page, but in the address bar it will only show your vanity URL, not your old one that you're trying to cover up.

So, for example, I told you guys that my personal YouTube channel is But if you typed in the address bar: you will also get the exact same channel page. So I actually have two URLS for the same channel.

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But Tim, how do you get two URLs for the same channel? How does one go about setting that up? That's a great question and I'm glad you asked. And the answer is fairly simple. First of all, you go and register the account name that you want to have. Then once you have that account name in your control, use your partner channel to contact partner support. If you're a YouTube partner, I'll just trust you know how to do that. Submit a support ticket saying, "Hey, I registered this other account and I'd like to set it up as a vanity URL to my partnered account here. Could you do that for me?" And they will respond saying, "Yes, we'd love to do that for you." Actually what they'll do is they'll respond to your support ticket, but they will blind carbon copy in the email address you used to register the other YouTube account that you want to set up as your vanity URL and they will ask you to respond to your report request from that email address proving that you have ownership of the account you'd like to set up as the vanity URL.

So then you go ahead and clickety-clack over to the other email address and respond to the report ticket from there and then give it like a day or two and it will be set up for you.

And then because your mommy taught you very good manners, you write back and politely say thank you. Actually, you really should write back and say that you to your support people, because I'm sure they get a lot of grit from other people who aren't very thankful throughout the day.

If you'd like to see a YouTube vanity URL at work, you can go check mine out. It's and you will notice that that just redirects to

I hope this helps you guys. If you're not already subscribed, make sure you click that subscribe button above this video on YouTube or you can click this subscribe button right there as well. Every Wednesday we upload a new Creator's Tip just helping you guys with your videos here on YouTube and other social platforms on the internet.

And in the description below, you'll find you can make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. And I think that is all we got for you this week. I will see you all Monday for another episode for the Reel Web and then on Wednesday for another Creator's Tip and it will be awesome. So I will see you then. Bye!

  • gilli

    YouTube does not create vanity URL's for partners anymore, except in the cases of Brands/Advertisers who need to protect a registered trademark.

  • Dallas Rosewood

    Since YouTube's support program(s) is constantly changing, as of now, there is no real way of emailing for support, but if your channel fits the criteria for email support, then you can ask. Here's a link to the criteria: I'm sorry if this does not help.

  • Craig

    Tim, I love your videos man! Keep up the great work!....I cant seem to find a way to get in touch with youtube partner support. Could you make a how to video on "how to create a support ticket on youtube partner support 2013"?? I felt like i got close but then got this message "Your YouTube partner account is not eligible for direct email consultation. Learn more about the support levelsYouTube offers and the criteria used to determine these levels."

  • connor here

    Does this still work?

  • Dallas Rosewood

    Hi Tim.

    I have a question. I got my vanity URL for my channel: But when I click on my username (drosewood67), it'll load the same page, but with the old URL: Is that supposed to happen? I want to be able to click my username without anyone seeing my old URL and without creating a whole new channel. Any suggestions?


    • Mark Robertson

      Hey Dallas, Mark here... It's hard to explain here but both URLs are the same. YouTube will continue to use the /user/ID URL as the official URL and there's nothing you can do to change that. In fact, you'll notice that their URL is the one that shows in search results as well.

      • Dallas Rosewood

        Hi Mark.

        Thanks for letting me know. Well, I'll just stick with it and just tell people the Vanity URL so no one will see the embarrassing old one (unless they click on it, of course!) -__- But that's OK. Thanks, again.

    • Craig

      Dallas, How did you contact youtube support??? I've been clicking around and youtube keeps directing me to forums, faq, help, and a youtube channel with generic support. can you provide a link for me? Much appreciated. I'd be willing to share your channel in return. thx

  • communications

    how do you contact youtube partnership support? It doesn't look like they have a forum or contact section?

  • John Mattos

    Hit send too early :) I found this.. but its all basically a huge FAQ. ... there's no place to actually open a ticket! Argh!

  • John Mattos

    Hey Tim, awesome video. The only question I have is around the partner program and submitting the ticket... what's the link to submit them? I cant find it anywhere? Also, I'm assuming that since I activated monitization on my videos I'm in the partner program.. is there something else I need to do?Thanks again great stuff, I'm now fully following your stuff!

  • Iain Brennan

    What do I think? I think it's complicated as hell to change your username this childish moronic video was as much use as a pork chop at a barmitzva, why can't people talk normal?

  • CP Holding


  • Rodney Hammond

    nvm- I see that I would hafta own all rights to any and all audio on any videos.. bummer. hate to start over and lose those viewcounts :(

  • Rodney Hammond

    hey, if my account is monetized, does that mean that I am already a partner? I REALLY want to change my page name! lol

  • Adam Johns

    what a fantstic idea!!! i am soooo over my YT url. Though I was stuck forever. Great content!

  • Toby Michael Younis

    Maybe you can offer a suggestion. I'm not a partner. My business is My YouTube channel is elvideotero. The "Videotero" channel is owned by someone who registered it in 2006, and never used it. I've sent them several emails with various offers, and I get no response. Any recommendations?

    Thank you.



    • Tim Schmoyer

      Yeah, you can submit a trademark infringement form through YouTube. I've done it twice: once successfully, once not. You have to show that you are the rightful owner of a name (either by fair use or legal paperwork). I got the first one (studentministry) because my site's URL is and it's Facebook page url is also studentministry. I showed that I had been using that name for a long time. Additionally, the guy who had the studentministry account had no uploads nor favorites or anything and hadn't logged in for 4 years. So they gave me that one. The other one they didn't, I think because my case wasn't as strong and because that guy had a video or two posted from years ago. *shrugs* Try it and see what happens.

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Grant Crowell Right, I know what you're saying -- I'm just saying that the trademark form is the only way to request acquiring an unused channel account if the person who owns it doesn't respond. If the name is basically being squatted and is unused for several years, there's a chance they'll give it to you, but you have to use the trademark form to contact them about it even though it's not technically a trademark infringement issue.

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Grant Crowell No, not solely for inactive use, but in my case, the account was completely unused and I could show that I've been using that name for a long time. YouTube essentially shrugged and said, "Sure, why not?" and handed it over to me. The second one I tried to acquire they didn't hand it over to me because there was some activity on the account (albiet, 3 years old) and I had only acquired the Facebook vanity URL and the web URL a month or so prior.

    • Toby Michael Younis

      Grant, you're right. It's no where near trademark infringement, but I think the point that Tim was making is that using the form is the only way to get YouTube's attention on the matter. I'll give it a shot. Nothing else has worked. Thanks, guys.

  • Video Leads Online

    Bummer that this tip only applies to YouTube Partners. Most of my client's are not partners.

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Yeah, but I can understand why. If this was available to everyone, there would basically be no URLs left for anyone because now everyone would have two urls instead of one, ya know?

    • Video Leads Online

      Wonder if they can help people that want to change the CaSE of their channEL NAmE? Not a new name per se, but a different Look for iT.

  • Nitsan Simantov

    you should mention in the title that this is for partners. most people are not.

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Yeah. Hopefully it's just another motivation for them to work hard and become one.

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Grant Crowell Somewhat, but Partner invitations are sent out based on an algorithm. If you consistently upload content, consistently get a decent number of views on each of them, and your subscriber count continues to go up, it'll trigger the Partner invitation. It just takes a lot of work to get to that point.

  • Jacki Schklar via Facebook

    There was a YT Flash upgrade requirement, I think. It asked me to upgrade today. Whater version I have is only a few months old.