How Top Websites Use Online Video   Research  across view index web sites chart 187x200 Over the past several months we've published some great research from the VIEW index, which attempts to measure and index how much websites integrate online video into their website content.

Recently, VideoBloom, the company behind the VIEW index, took a deeper look at all 650 websites used previously for the index and further categorized how these web sites utilize web video, and for what purpose.

In the chart above, you can see that they broke this down in to seven major categories used to classify the application of online video. As an example, 34% of the websites analyzed use video for promotional applications.

Here is a Breakdown of How Top Websites Apply Web Video

  1. 34% Promotional Videos
  2. 31% Demonstration Videos
  3. 28% Information Videos
  4. 26 % Entertainment Videos
  5. 22% News Videos
  6. 4% User Generated Content (UGC)
  7. 3% Other

Lets look at how these various applications of web video were classified. "Promotional" included videos that were used for commercials, testimonials, business overviews and PR. "Demonstration/How-to" videos were those that were used for product and service explanations, demonstrations, and walk-throughs. "Information" videos were used for reviews as well as those determined to offer general knowledge. "Entertainment”, "News”, "UGC”, and "other" I think are pretty much self-explanatory.

To clarify further, Tyler Bakarich, video application analyst at VideoBloom offered the following:

"For example, a video that shows a viewer how to build a skateboard ramp using a company's product would be a demonstrative video, but a video explaining how a company's product would be the best to build a ramp with would be a promotional video. We classified news as videos providing recent happenings (or news) that is not commercial (intend to promote a product, service or company). Therefore video content such as video press releases would be classified as promotional, because while it does give news, it is news that is intended to sway potential consumers and investors.”

Note: You probably noticed that the percentages above don't add up to 100%. That is because many sites utilize more than one application of video. In fact, on average sites that were analyzed used 1.5 different video applications, with some using as many as 5 different applications.

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This, and the VIEW Index were provided to ReelSEO curtesy of VideoBloom, a video advertising and distribution solutions platform. Stay tuned for the next VIEW Index, as we plan to publish these every other month.

  • Peter Contardo

    It’s great to see that so many websites are already using online video to engage with their visitors. It seems that promotional videos are the top choice because we are so familiar with this type of video content. In addition, it is really easy to repurpose existing video inventory (TV ads) for online use. However, depending on the industry and business /marketing goals, information and entertainment videos, along with user-generated content might be a better choice. These videos can be far more engaging and add more value to the relationship a consumer has with a particular brand.