Cable and satellite up in the Great White North were unhappy with Netflix's crossing the border. That silly imaginary line that dictates what nationality you are, what language you speak and most importantly, what kind of streaming video and TV you can get.

Now, a new group, Hollywood Suite which was announced last year, is aiming to make nice-nice with those cab-sats and still take a chunk of Netflix potential income and subscriber base on the Granite Shield. Basically, they are offering a multi-channel premium option that gives you loads of video on demand options. The most recent announcement is that both Warner Bros and MGM have signed on. Currently, the service is about ready to offer four channels.

  • Warner Films - one of the most successful and recognized entertainment brands in the world, with an extensive world class library of film titles
  • The MGM Channel - showcasing movies from the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library  including modern masterpieces and gems from Hollywood's golden age
  • Hollywood Storm - ultimate action films involving the best in epic adventure
  • Hollywood Festival - critically acclaimed independent and major studio romance and relationship films

The nice thing is that they're also aiming for IPTV users. You can get all four channels for one low price which is said to rival the monthly price of a Netflix subscription.  Available across Canada, subscribers
can choose from over 450 different movie titles every month on television - with a selection available on
demand, on-­line and on mobile - all for one low monthly fee from their television service provider.

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450 movies a month, that would be 15 a day but considering that you might only like 50, it's still more than enough for a movie date night, every night of the month.

  • Paul

    I really think we need to see some more of these popping up to get some more competition to Netflix in Canada. The selection just isn't worth the $8.00 per month yet giving its lacking content. The US has much, much better choices. If we get some more competition maybe Netflix will start adding some more movies and newer releases sooner. There is a great discussion about Netflix Canada over at and it really shows that Canadians want more content, we just need Netflix to listen!