So, Mark passed along this really cool "History of Online Video" image made by the Visual Lounge at TechSmith and The Blog Herald put together this pretty cool (and really large) image that traverses the previous five years of online video history. Since the image was so massive, I had to chop it into pieces. Alright, really I did that so I could stick witty commentary in between. Hey, that's my job. Click that first link to see the unchopped version.

The Past 5 Years in History of Online Video

The first piece of the image looks at the present and some of the changes in viewing tastes. Most interesting is that 69% of Internet users watch or download video online.

The History of Online Video In A Nutshell or Rather, An Image ONLINEVIDEOHISTORY1

Hearken back to the days of yore when broadband speeds were a fraction of what they are today, dinosaurs ruled the Earth, no wait, Mariah Carey ruled the charts, BattleStar Galactica beat out The Office in TV, YouTube was born, Brothersoft made a media player, Chris moved from America to Europe (Feb. 2005) and the first video iPod was born. Fast Forward a year and good old Revision 3 (Hi Jim!) springs up, Google drops a ton on YouTube and then, the next year John Edwards campaigns online while some of the infamous streaming sites are born...

The History of Online Video In A Nutshell or Rather, An Image ONLINEVIDEOHISTORY2

Nothing really happened in 2008 it seems except that some people on YouTube started making themselves famous. We should do a "where are they now..." segment. YouTube, to this day, rules the roost and is crushing all of its competition (and still not turning a profit?). Slightly lower down the ladder the fight is on for video viewing. The chart here for 2009 is sort of odd as we don't know what they're measuring. I can tell you that YouTube has about 146M monthly uniques right now with around 2B sessions per month.

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The History of Online Video In A Nutshell or Rather, An Image ONLINEVIDEOHISTORY3

So what exactly are people watching these days? Silly cute videos of kitten doing crazy things, people getting whacked in the genitals or, more timely, in the face while playing Kinect games on the Xbox 360? Probably and far more so than they did back in 2007 it seems. Remarkably, news is quite popular. With all the bad stuff happening I'd rather stick to the comedy. Alarmingly, education is third...which makes me wonder just what people are learning these days form online video. Maybe it's or Howcast and not er, the P-word which Mark doesn't like me using, you know the one I mean... adult 'how to' videos.

The History of Online Video In A Nutshell or Rather, An Image ONLINEVIDEOHISTORY4

Finally, who's viewing what. Well men are top slackers with 65% watching video online and also the top downloaders so they can watch it on their own time. Perhaps more adult 'how to' videos? The majority of women also watch and download video, just not to the extent of their counterparts.

The History of Online Video In A Nutshell or Rather, An Image ONLINEVIDEOHISTORY5

Everyone's an exhibitionist it seems as home videos top the upload chart closely followed by travel and TV clips. Not many of us are interested in slapping together some political videos, perhaps there's a market niche there you might corner with some creative content and presentation.

Sure, this is a somewhat simplistic look at the recent history of online video but it does give a nice overview and snapshot, mostly of the rise of user-generated content and the rapid adoption of online video viewing. It certainly took a lot of work to compile and create and we applaud TechSmith on an interesting project, well done.

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    cool, quite different to wot I thought.

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    Huh? Party?
    This is very cool.
    Yes, do a "Where Are They Now segment" on famous YouTubers!

  • Eric T

    A quick look back gives more fire in the push towards the future!

  • vidiSEO

    I know it's a little meta, but this would make a great video. Kudos to TechSmith for putting this together!

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    some great visuals there. I still can't believe Youtube has only braced our screens for the last 5 years.

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    I think we should have a party to celebrate and talk about it all.

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    Wow. Hard to believe only 5 short years ago YouTube was just an embryo. I still remember the days of embedding my own flash players on a back page of my website so people could watch my videos. YouTube is one of those "damn! why didn't I think of that" kind of companies. Still a whole lot of room in this industry, though.

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    One quick lesson from these charts would be to make your videos, funny, educational, and news worthy.

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      Woof! Woof!
      (that means I approve!)

  • Jeremy Campbell

    Wow that's lots of information, love those infographics! That's crazy that paid content is decreasing online but it's true as more videos go free with ads vs. paid. Can't wait to see the infographics with the same information in 2015, I bet the numbers will be even more impressive. Call it a hunch ;)

  • Katy Zack

    Well, Howcast launched in February 2008, so that's something. :) (Yes, I work at Howcast).

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      I did say it was simplistic...and it really is :) I still managed a shout out to you guys :)

      • Katy Zack

        Thanks, Chris -- we definitely appreciate the shout out. I've seen this graphic getting passed around recently. Yours is a great analysis of what's there and what's missing. Nicely done!

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          Hi Katy.. That's all, just wanted to say hello :-)