Hippie Hostility To Web Video – The Capitalist Strikes Back! make video not war1 As an online video professional and evangelist, I sometimes find myself in situations with very narrow-minded people with wholly misguided and hostile reactions to the industry I work in. Such hostility can come from very strange, unexpected places!

You see, some people who like to think of themselves as "progressive" in certain areas of their lives, may actually be very reactionary, resistant, and regressive when it comes to things that are new with our culture, like online video. I've found that to carry over to the "techno-cultural revolution" that is online video, and the people like myself who produce and market it for mass consumption (and participation).

Hippie Hostility To Web Video – The Capitalist Strikes Back! grants rant tiki island These people suffer from what I refer to as "the arrogance of willful ignorance." They take pride in being Luddites, or "techno-know-nothings," when it's nothing at all to be proud about. They carry a condescending attitude of online video – speaking out of both sides of their mouth by sometimes saying it's really insignificant, and other times saying its an even corporate tool for commercial exploitations – and all the while, belittling the people who do it. All of that is their attempt to mask how insecure they are about how painfully little they understand online video; because it's much more comforting to carry an attitude of superiority when you can dismiss others for their own accomplishments that aren't your own.

Hippie-friendly nuggets of wisdom about online video…

Hippie Hostility To Web Video – The Capitalist Strikes Back! peace love If you're a hippie or have hippie-leanings, and are really willing to open your mind to the possibilities (and realities) of online video, enjoy these nuggets of new-age enlightenment from myself, self-appointed and defrocked video guru, Swami-Jami-Granty-Panty…

  • Art – Online video is an amazing art form, and one that's accessible to the masses. Whether its original video you create or remixes, the open-source sharing of artistry has inspired millions of others worldwide who never had any formal training before to now be artistic video producers.
  • Creativity – online video spurs the generation of ideas and creativity. Online video gives you ideas for how to create something that can reach people around the world; and not just for entertainment or distraction, but something that's deeper and more meaningful.
  • Economy – online video is a powerful engine for economic growth, especially at the grass-roots level. It is both capitalist AND socialist. It's a great thing that it gives people like me a job, a career, a new purpose, and audiences I connect with and they connect back with me. Sure, online video is a good part today of corporate America, but its much more grassroots small-business America!
  • Individuality – online video is individually oriented. It gives us all our own unique voice.
  • Conversation – online video has brought the art of the conversation back, and the technology allows for it to happen between many people remotely as well as in person.
  • Equality – online video is very egalitarian, and it empowers individuals in ways like never before. A single individual with little or no budget can produce a video series online that can compete and surpass the success of a major studio or Fortune 500 company.
  • Community – online video improves on our community endeavors, brings people from around the world together in person, and it brings people from in person to feel more comfortable with reaching out to each other online.
  • Integrity – To NOT be doing online video, and to deride others for doing online video, is contradicting the very essence of what it means to be a hippie.
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It makes perfect sense if you're a hippie to be doing online video! Online video is the great responder. It's the great grass roots way to have social justice and make an honest buck! You tell your story, get people interested in what you have that they support your endeavors, tell others about it AND promote the public good. The technology of online takes nothing away from the social experience – it enhances it greatly! VIDEO IS THE NEW SOCIAL MODEL FOR NEO-HIPPIES! For techno-hippies!

All we are saying… is give online video a chance! (It beats the biggest doobie you could ever put in your mouth.)

Thanks also to Comedy Central for providing clips from the South Park classic episode, Die Hippie Die. (It's just a show title, not a call for violence. I personally like hippies, and even some of the cranky ones. ;)

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the Grant Crowell and not necessarily ReelSEO.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crimsonananda Emily Watson

    I'm guessing there's a backstory about hippies that I'm missing here. I have never visited your site (I was linked here by a friend via a Facebook post) so I'm assuming I'm missing some vital piece of information, although I have read this a few times and can't quite figure out what it is that I'm missing.

    I will proceed as if what I'm seeing is the whole idea.

    I'm a little offended by this. Why are you calling out hippies? I'm a hippie and I love technology. I use online video all the time. Furthermore, my almost 60y/o hippie mother loves technology and online video. My old hippie bosses were the same way. I don't appreciate the stereotype that hippies are all anti-technology, anti-growth, anti-responsibity and stupid stoners. I don't smoke pot or do drugs and I have a full time job in a corporate office doing educated work at a promoted level. I keep up on technology and not only understand its importance in my values but celebrate it. Technology is amazing and has brought us all so close to each other, albeit mostly to watch videos of cats, but then again, that just means we're sharing laughter without regard for language or country or religion (see? hippie) and what better thing could a self-respecting hippie want?

    Mind you, I am not implying that you are imagining these people or their status as hippies, but my point is that not all hippies are fearing technology, holding on to the "old ways" and smoking dope screaming about government conspiracies just as not all non-hippies are embracing technology, striving for new ways and staying clean. There's even ground on both sides and there's no way to factually assign some certain group to these technophobes. I've seen 25y/o technophobes who refuse to use the internet and still have land line phones and I've seen 70y/o new age hippie yoga masters with iPhones, websites, vlogs and online businesses.

  • Arik Bannister

    Great post Grant, both the blog post and the video (hippies should embrace it...it's groooovy!) Nail on the head with this one. I run into prospective clients who simply want to debate and prove that what we can do for them with video is insignificant compared to their 'rockin' yellow pages success. So I end those meetings as quickly (and politely) as possible. You can't convince someone that the world is round...they just have to learn over time that it's an inarguable fact.

  • http://angryhippie.info Rob aka the Angry Hippie

    Hey Grant

    I appreciate you contacting me on this, and I have watched both videos in question now, because I wanted to be as informed as possible before commenting. First off, I don't get at all how someone can claim to be an advocate for social change and not change with the social trends (i.e. social media and online video) in order to give their message and cause every opportunity they possibly can to be heard and shared. As an activist, I am constantly afforded reaches and insight into views and causes that I wouldn't otherwise have via the internet and social media. Through the whatsabudget films arm of my online media arsenal, I have made several videos and posted them to YouTube about extremely important socio-political topics and have been able to spark dialogs with people I would not have access to through any other social experience.

    Now I myself have ranted about the often negative impacts that technology, especially that which is geared towards communication, can have on young people who should be developing conversational skills and be developing interpersonal relationships, but are stunted by the virtual disconnect offered by technology. So often these communication improvements can remove important personal real-time interactions from our back and forths and create a sense of info-bursting where we are not having a conversation with each other as much as we are just putting out an idea, and not having to bare any sort of 'consequence' to that statement. (and by consequence I more mean the reaction that the other person receiving that message might have, a reaction that developmentally can teach us so much about conversing with others.) So I think that we still need to have face to face discussions and debates like the salon is having. But I still see the value and believe heavily in the value of using social media and connecting with people in an online setting as well.

    But to completely shun the idea of online video and to rail against it, does seem like an extreme overreaction. Now as to the comments you made about the salon in your review, I think I see where her reaction is stemming from. I think she took the remarks you made that poke fun at her and the salon very personally and that's where her reaction all started. I like you feel that if she did have a problem with anything in the video she should have commented about it in the 10 days she had it before the video was put up. Too me it feels like a childish reaction, and to then threaten a lawsuit makes it even more so, in my humble.

    I get a bit long winded myself... :D But in short, online video and social media are tools of modern day social activists, and anyone who wants to make change occur in the world who completely disregards this avenue is effectively shooting themselves and their cause in the proverbial foot. And to the runner of the salon, there is nothing wrong with being an angry hippie, so long as you allow that anger to productively stir you into taking action to make change. Some of us are quite happy to be angry...that totally sounded like a pothead statement, but I swear that there's logic there. :D

  • http://www.hustream.com/ Tai

    Now that's quite the rant about video! I really like your point that technology hasn't taken us away from the art of the conversation but it has brought us back and to new heights, well said.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Thank you as well, Ms. Tai. I've found that people who tend to be hostile towards online video (including the party I describe in my rant) are those who want too much control over the conversation rather than be egalitarian in their participation. (Notice that I spelled "conversation" wrong in my graphic during the video. :)

  • WhoLowMedia

    Great piece Grant but you know you are preaching to the choir here; or motivating us. One day there will be a gold rush for our services but right now I still operate as a freelancer/salesman and teacher having to explain that youtube is the 2nd largest search engine on the planet therefore if you are not marketing with video you are not really marketing....I am still in business ^_^

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Thanks, and yes this is much more evangelical and motivational than a straight information piece. I still have clients who can't even spell YouTube or think it has no serious value to their business or organization. People who are just intimidated by it need to be willing to be educated. But there will always be some that hold onto their hostile defense of why they not only refuse to use it, but deride others who do. For these people, they deserve to be scoffed.

  • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

    I look like Im just a participant on Chat-roulette while you go on and on and on... You one funny man Mr. Grant.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Mark, sometimes you just need to shut-me-the-hell-up and go on your own "Mark's Rant." But thanks for being polite and doing your best to look interested. ;) In the meantime, I am more than glad to be the silly little monkey in the zoo that is ReelSEO.

      • http://klessblog.blogspot.com/ Klessblog

        I can't believe I watched the whole thing... and I wasn't even stoned! ;)

        • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

          Im so sorry Larry. Next time I see you, Ill buy you lunch ;-)