HD Video Blogging Network From Motorola

HD Video Blogging Network From Motorola

Video blogging soon could pass the high-definition barrier.   Motorola Inc. demonstrated the ability of its new Long Term Evolution  (LTE) network with personal media experiences at Mobile World Congress 2008 last week.

This included HD video blogging. HD video can stream live over LTE to an Internet-connected TV set-top box back home for your family or friends to see.

The HD video blogging will roll out first via Motorola's LTE in Japan by next year and North America in 2010, said Stephane Daeuble, Motorola global marketing manager.

While Asia and Europe likely will enjoy the LTE experience first, it is expected to be part of Sprint's Xohm high-speed wireless broadband services in the Chicago market.

Xohm is expected to roll out in Chicago by mid-year, but the HD video blogging portion likely will be later, they said.

LTE and Motorola's WiMax broadband networks can carry the HD video blogging because HD has more data and the high power of those networks can successfully transfer the images, they said.

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