Is High-Definition Video Chat Coming To Google's Gmail?

Is High Definition Video Chat Coming To Googles Gmail?

According to a post on CNET last week, despite Google shutting down several products and services (including shutting down the ability for users to upload videos to Google Video), there are also some interesting new services being developed that will be coming soon to Google's Gmail product.

As we posted last year, Google introduced video chat to Gmail.  Rather than creating a chat application that utilized Adobe's Flash to serve the video, Google launched with a small plug-in that must be installed locally in order to use the service.  According to Gmail Product Manager Todd Jackson, the plug-in delivers better quality video serving for the application than could Flash.  In fact, Jackson tells CNET that the plug-in can actually support high-definition (HD) video chat.

"Going forward, Jackson says the plug-in route will be able to provide even higher-quality video as people's connections improve, going to Video Graphics Array (640x480 pixels) all the way up to high definition."

There is no information on when we can expect these enhancements but interesting none-the-less.

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  • Grant Crowell

    It will be interesting to see if Google's updated HD video chat will support split-screen features, or even video chat with more than one person. By doing a video screen capture of all the activity (using SnagIt for Windows and SnapZ Pro X for Mac, just to name a couple software tools), you could have some quality footage that gives the appearance of a multi-camera setup.