The Week In Video: Handbags At Dawn For Microsoft And Google

The Week In Video: Handbags At Dawn For Microsoft And Google

Microsoft and Google continued their squabble over the commercial free Windows YouTube app this week, with Google issuing a 'Cease and Desist' notice over the issue. An official Microsoft parody video of Chrome, despite being for their eyes only, also ended up on YouTube for the rest of us to see; let's get the popcorn ready for the coming weeks entertainment as both companies battle it out over something or other again. Elsewhere, Comedy Week is starting on YouTube, Nintendo monetizes fan videos on YouTube (much to the consternation of said fans) and Netflix picks up Disney and Pixar for the UK and Ireland.

Google Square Up To Microsoft Over YouTube App, Again

We reported last week that Google were unhappy that the new YouTube app for the Windows phone blocked ads and allowed users to download the videos they wanted. So unhappy in fact that, this week, they issued a 'Cease & Desist' letter to Microsoft demanding that they remove the YouTube from its mobile operating system, to which Microsoft responded that they are in fact, happy for the app to carry advertising after all…..We are yet to hear of an official statement from either party about the future of the app.

Meanwhile, right in the middle of Google's I/O Developer conference, a parody of Chrome's 'Now Everywhere' by Microsoft was "leaked" and ended up on YouTube for the world to see, even though it was strictly intended for internal use. It has attracted 297,493 views (at time of writing) to Chrome's 'Now Everywhere' 194,651 views.

Read More at: TheVerge

U.S. Judge Denies Class Action Status to YouTube Copyright Owners

Content owners, whose videos were uploaded to YouTube without their express permission have been denied the legal opportunity to sue Google for infringement by the U.S. federal court this week. NY District Judge Louis Stanton, rejected a motion to approve a worldwide class action in a long running dispute over videos uploaded to YouTube. Judge Stanton decreed that, in the case of Football Association Premier League Ltd et al v. YouTube Inc. et al:

The suggestion that a class action of these dimensions can be managed with judicial resourcefulness is flattering, but unrealistic.

First filed in 2007, the proposed class action included such luminaries as The French Tennis Association, The English Premier League and the National Music Publisher's Association. The same judge dismissed a similar complaint by Viacom in April this year. Viacom are appealing the decision and we can expect the same from the current case.

Read More: ArsTechnica

Comedy Weeks Kicks Off On YouTube

Today's the day (May 19th) that YouTube kicks off it's much anticipated 'Comedy Week' with a livestreaming of 'The Big Live Comedy Show'. It all starts at 8pm Eastern Time and launches a week of what promises to be some excellent content from the likes of Sarah Silverman, SMOSH, The Fine Brothers and Rhett & Link amongst others.

Daft Punk: Soul Train Stylee

Sublime song, inspired fan video. I've already watched this about 5000 times.

What To Watch On Netflix – Whatever Your State Of Mind

Want to pig out on a good Netflix marathon but no idea what to choose? Feeling melancholy but could be persuaded to watch a comedy as long as it's dripping with satire? Perhaps you just fancy something with murderers, monsters and madness but don't want to have to go to the bother of finding it yourself? Thank Goodness the team at Silver Oaks Casino have come up with this handy guide for the terminally indecisive amongst us. It gets extra points for mentioning the Rockford Files.

The Week In Video: Handbags At Dawn For Microsoft And Google

Full glorious infographic here


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