Gumroad Announces Online Streaming Feature

Gumroad Announces Online Streaming Feature

For those of you who use Gumroad out there, the online digital marketplace has added monetized video streaming to their service.  Typically, one using Gumroad uses the site to sell a certain product--a piece of software, a book, a song, and you name your price...Gumroad handles all the distribution and sales of the files you send.  Now, they're doing it with streaming video, with the movie Serial Buddies being the first one to try it out.  Hat tip, TechCrunch.

Gumroad Enters Into Monetized Video Streaming: The Particulars

One can sell their stream either through their own website, or through a unique Gumroad URL.  Citing a percentage take from their competitors that range from 15 to 50 percent, Gumroad will be taking 5 percent plus 25 cents on their end.  You can have files that are up to 4 GB.  As noted before, the first one taking a crack at this new feature is the movie Serial Buddies:

When you decide to sell your video, it's just like anything else: you'll probably need to have previews, social media, and blogs on your side to actually sell the stream.  But, it's good to see other sites out there making it possible for content creators to sell their work, and here's another option.

For more on how it works, here's Gumroad's guide on How to Sell Films.

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  • Mark Rybarczyk

    The key with directly monetizing your video is that you need to have a community of fans & followers who want to and are willing to support your work. We've been doing this at where you can set your own price and self-distribute...the model works. However, those who just upload, set a price, and hope to be discovered rarely get paid views.