For The Camera Shy: You Don't Need To Be On Camera To Make A Great Video

For The Camera Shy: You Dont Need To Be On Camera To Make A Great Video

There are all kinds of common excuses a video marketer might hear from an individual or business that is reluctant to jump into online video. Some might suggest their target audience doesn't really care about video (pretty much all target audiences are heavily involved in online video these days). Others might talk about how little time they have (you can make time for things you find important). But by far, the most common thing I hear from clients--particularly small businesses--is that they don't have anyone who would be good on camera.

For some, it's an issue of nerves. Some folks just aren't comfortable with public speaking or being on camera.

For others, maybe it's a "face for radio" thing, where the company owner or marketing person doesn't feel comfortable on camera because they don't look enough like a supermodel. Of course, you don't have to look like a supermodel, or even be moderately attractive by public standards, in order to create a great piece of video content.

You don't even need to appear on camera. Heck, no one does, provided you find a clever and engaging way to present your story. You just have to get a little bit outside the box.

Quality Videos Without An On Camera Host

By way of example, look at C.G.P. Grey. We've covered their videos before when praising the "explainer videos" they create. But today I mostly just want to talk about how effectively their message is conveyed in each video, despite no on-camera host or presence. Let's take a look at their latest viral success:

There are plenty of examples of great videos--branded or otherwise--that don't have a personality on-camera.

Like this one:

Great photography can stand on its own, without a narrator or host being required:

Especially when you start adding camera tricks like high-speed, time-lapse, or even tilt shift:

If you aren't comfortable putting your face on camera, you might still be okay with your hands:


Don't let your creativity be limited by only what you can accomplish as a video host or personality. When the content is compelling and engaging, a video doesn't need any actors--in the traditional sense--in order to find and entertain an audience.

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    Hey, I'm a dog! My 'man' thinks I look better than him... so I get to show my face while he hides his.

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    Alternatives are good:)

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    You can make a great video without being in front of the camera. We often tell people here at BombBomb ( that even if you did have to be in front of the camera, and are camera shy, it's not live tv so you have the benefit of recording as many takes as you need to get the right shot.