Grant Crowell To Speak At SES Chicago 2009

Grant Crowell To Speak At SES Chicago 2009You heard it here first! I'll be speaking at the Search Engine Strategies conference on December 9th at the Hilton in downtown Chicago, on the panel, The Oprah Winfrey Litigation: What Affliate Marketers MUST Know

My own presentation will cover how affiliates are marketing with video today, and ways affiliates and business owners can better work together to preserve intellectual property rights and adhere to brand standards.

Online video has seen explosive growth for business. Yet when people talk about monitoring affiliates, the subject of video rarely comes up. My presentation will show the following:

  • How affiliates today are producing and promoting video content for the web using their merchants' (aka, "business owners”) brands and properties
  • How merchants can go about monitoring video content from affiliates, and;
  • The need for updated brand guidelines incorporating online video – which affiliates can understand and adhere to, and also help them with market more effectively.

My presentation will also feature:

  • Actual video examples that I've been professionally involved in
  • Exclusive interviews with corporate and franchise owners involve in affiliate issues with video
  • Interviews with other attorneys (including those sharing the same panel as myself)
  • Tips for feasibly executable tactics on most-likely scenarios between both affiliates and corporate offices regarding online video, and;
  • How the rapidly emerging technologies and social networks around online video may call for some progressive changes on how affiliates and merchants should better work together.

Come check out the event and my session, and if you're a follower of ReelSEO, be sure to mention that to me and I'll be glad to chat at the conference about your video-related questions or topics. Always good to meet our audience face-to-face!

If you would like to have some advance information on the subject, check out my article on ReelSEO, Online Video and Brand Guidelines – Challenges and Tips. Also check out my interviews with my fellow panelists, attorneys David Adler and Mark Rosenberg.

If you have any information on or contributions on this subject you would like to share, be sure to email me at, and I'll consider them for my own presentation – or share that information with our audience here.

Not only am I speaking at the event, but ReelSEO is a media sponsor of the event and if you are interested in going, you can get an exclusive ReelSEO reader discount of 15% off the early bird registration rate. We hope to see you there.

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