Gotuit Launches Xtreme Outdoor Online Television – XONtv.TV

Gotuit Launches Xtreme Outdoor Online Television   XONtv.TV

"Gotuit made an "about face" when they ditched their online TV product (except for music videos) and refocused on powering video sites. Over the past year they've been striking deals to power video services for the likes of Sports Illustrated, EMI, Fox Reality, amongst others.

Gotuit's video suite lets lets XONTV deep tag key points in videos. These tags form part of the meta data Gotuit uses to index and search through movies, making it possible to easily re-order short clips of long videos on demand. In XONTV's case, you can easily search all their full length hunting videos for instances of deer or pheasant. In the case of the NFL draft, you could pull all of an athlete's key moves from game highlights." – from Techcrunch

Here is the press release:

Video Archive Indexed And Presented Across 13 Channels Without Editing Or Clipping

Woburn, Mass – November 29, 2007 – Gotuit, a leading provider of video discovery, navigation, and monetization technologies, today announced the launch of XONtv.TV, Xtreme Outdoor Network's Internet TV destination,, powered by Gotuit.
XONtv.TV provides viewers with a rich video archive of hundreds of hours of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor-related video. Using Gotuit to index and present the video archive, each category has its own channel with compelling playlist organization that allows viewers to quickly and easily discover and watch the portions of the video most interesting to them. For example, the Hunting Channel has video organized into playlists such as Full Shows, By Species, By Method, By Location or Featured. These playlists display scenes from inside one or more original videos.

"Rather than simply run 30-60 minute episodes online like most video destinations, we wanted to create a unique outdoor television network experience tailored for the broadband viewer. Gotuit's use of metadata to describe the scenes inside each video allows subscribers to have personalized viewing experiences where each viewer can choose very specific selections from the library," said XON's President Jake Hartwick. "Also, Gotuit's turn-key services made it extremely easy and quick to deliver a polished Internet TV destination, with hundreds of hours of fully indexed, searchable video."

Key features of XONtv.TV, powered by Gotuit:

  • Thirteen different channels, each dedicated to its own category of video such as Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, ATV, etc.
  • Compelling playlist organization allowing viewers to watch full episodes in their original form, or just their favorite prey, method of hunting, location and more across the library
  • Deep video search and navigation across the entire video library

"XON has set a new benchmark for the industry in how to leverage metadata," said Gotuit CEO Mark Pascarella. "Too many publishers are making the mistake of cutting their library into clips, which takes too long, costs too much, is too difficult to manage and results in an inferior user experience. Using our patented technology to create rich metadata, publishers can package and present their original video library in the most effective ways for their audience. The power and flexibility of this approach can clearly be seen here at XONtv.TV."

XONtv.TV is being offered free for a limited time. Try it here!

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