Remember when the iPad was announced, and I wrote about how useless it seemed for people like us that deal with video all the time? Most readers skipped the fact that I was writing about the device from a video standpoint and just labeled me an Apple hater. And I'm about to throw more fuel on their fire. Google has just announced a new video editor for the tablet-specific version of Android called Honeycomb, and it instantly makes Android tablet devices an easy choice over the iPad for video marketers--weeks before they're available for purchase.

There are also several other interesting tidbits of news from the talk, so let's break each one down:

Movie Studio - Google's Cloud-Based Video Editor For Honeycomb

The new editor is called Movie Studio, and will let users edit video or even combine video and still photography to create a video-style multimedia presentation. Users will also be able to add music and soundtracks, fades, and other professional video effects. The best part? It's cloud-based--which means, in theory, you could start editing your video on one device and complete your work on another one altogether.

The announcement was made by Google's Eric Schmidt at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain, who said:

"When you play with Honeycomb, you'll get the sense of beauty and power we have with the new interface. I just really love it."

That's a nice, flowery bit of marketing language.  It makes me feel so much better to know that the company's leader loves their product. And it does look pretty:

Honeycomb Tablets Are Already Better Than iPads... for Video Marketers android honeycomb

Movie Studio is only useful to devices running Android 3.0 or higher, of which there are currently zero on the marketplace. The Motorolla Xoom will be the first Honeycomb-equipped device available to the public, and it is expected to launch at the end of this month.

So we can't exactly play with this video editor just yet. But that's not stopping me from getting excited about it. Imagine a tablet device that allows you to film video or take photographs (which the iPad doesn't), edit those images into a professional and cohesive video (including effects), and then upload that video to the web.

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Where the iPad's video limitations made it a poor option for most video marketers, the future of Honeycomb tablets is looking much brighter. At least until Apple puts out an iPad 2 that has a camera and iMovie on it.

Apple Not Google's Biggest Competitor

Schmidt also said something else interesting:

"No question, our strongest competitor is Microsoft. They have a strong advertising model. They have the cash, the scale, the brand, and the reach to do good and amazing things."

Interesting. So Apple and their iPhone aren't the biggest competitor? No, of course not. Google is so much more than just a mobile-focused company. Android is merely one of many revenue streams for Google. In that respect, Microsoft is definitely more of a competitor than Apple. But I can't help but feel like Schmidt is intentionally leaving Apple out as a way of sending a message.

Next Android Version Will Merge Phones & Tablets

Gingerbread is the most recent version of the Android OS for mobile devices, and Schmidt says within a couple months all Android users will be upgraded to Gingerbread. (Sweet! I've been waiting for a while).

"We've released Gingerbread, which in a month or two everybody will upgrade to. At that point everybody will be on a common platform, which should address a lot of your concerns."

And while Honeycomb--technically a generation beyond Gingerbread--is solely for tablet devices, he says the next version of Android will merge the two types of devices together. That means that whatever the "I" version Android ends up being called, it will run on both smart phones and tablets.

Wrap Up

News like the Movie Studio video editor and the standardizing of Android across all devices is music to my ears. I've almost instantly gone from someone not remotely interested in a tablet device to someone nearly dying to try one out. And all they had to do was throw us video marketers a bone.

Now cue the Apple fans lining up to tell me what an Android homer I am...

  • DeviousDog

    Android needs its core codecs improved, as simple as that!!! When a device can only support mono/stereo video it is fulling behind the times. Unlike Apple which will support up to 6 channels and is able to demux on the fly to play back over one channel on the iPhone or demux into 2 channels for your headphone.. Otherwise you will have to have two versions of your videos, one for your android OS and the other for everyother platform or product.. Comeon Android, support more than two channels and get out of the 1960's and I will throw my iPhone and iPad away in a nano sec.

  • Chris Sanders

    The iPad has a video editing app. I don't know if I want to have to be connected to the internet just to use video editing software.

  • Grayson

    I'm sure the iPad 2 will have iMove!!!
    If I does then I'm getting it :D

  • Christophor Rick

    Oh and now I'm waiting on my tablet purchase... quad-core is coming :)

  • Guest

    So, non-existent products are better than product that is nearly a year old and didn't do what the author wanted and, surprisingly, still do what is wanted. What fantastic reportage. Can we expect more glowing insight along the same lines as this in the future? Or are you going to develop some critical balls and stop doing shameless PR for Google all the fricking time?

    • Mark Robertson

      yeah, we're getting paid from Google, that must be how I just bought my new

      • Christophor Rick

        Damn you! Where's MY Ferrari!

        • Jeremy Scott

          Did somebody say something about free Ferraris?

  • Ronnie Bincer

    Editors in the Cloud - So there will be a lot of invisible little green robot/androidy things flying up and down doing video edits, eh? Kinda cool, especially if you can put on a pair of Droid Glasses and see 'em flying around!

  • Etshea

    Not interested in a cloud based thing. Next flight you're on you cloud based tablet will be useless.

    • Mark Robertson

      Take a look at macrumors - that is exactly where the iPad is headed

    • Christophor Rick

      How much video editing are you doing on a tablet...on a plane?
      Would you do it in Japan With Godzilla and Rodan? (sorry...heh)

  • Nashua Video Tours

    Google isn't necessarily a sure thing these days. Google TV was DOA right out of the gate and everyone was so excited about that. It was touted as a game changer, and it turned out to be a Big dud.

    I would wait until I can actually see and use it before I get too excited....

    • Mark Robertson

      I totally disagree

      1) the Google TV, though not as big as it could be, is actually a great
      product - I have it myself and love it.
      2) market share for android OS on smartphones is bigger than iOS

    • Mr Frankm

      Google TV wasn't dead on arrival. It was killed when Broadcast companies chose to block Hulu on it.

    • Christophor Rick

      I wouldn't discount Google TV...just....yet... I suspect they've got something up their sleeve yet.

      • Dave Holland

        I agree - I have a feeling the current changes in the blended search results may well all be part of a bigger picture involving Google TV, YouTube and the wider submission of video from third party sites.

  • Tdanyo

    The iPad2 is expected to have video recording capabilities. The question is if the camera is front or forward facing? Maybe it's both like the iphone? Honeycomb is good for video marketing either way. thanks for the article!

    • Mark Robertson

      From what I read, and this blows my mind if true, the dumped in the
      new iPad is that it Will Not have a camera. I hope that's untrue but
      if true I give up on apple. My iPhone sucks (and all indications are
      that it's not ATT) and I'm getting tired of the big A. Let's hope the
      rumors are wrong and if they are, I'm in.

      • Jeremy Scott

        Wow, really? I will be stunned if the iPad 2 doesn't have a camera.

        • Grendizer88

          The main question would be what is my data plan if I want to use it. It may cost me an arm and leg.