Google's VisualRank Image Recognition Algorithm

Googles VisualRank Image Recognition AlgorithmSo, how soon before Google and the other main search engines begin to use recognition technologies as primary means in their ranking algorithms for video search?

It appears that the first step has been taken by Google in that they are now leading the charge to be able to determine the subject and content of a image without relying on metadata and alt tags in their ranking algorithms for image search.

Two scientists from Google presented a research paper at the WWW conference in China last week, titled "Page Rank for Product Image Search." The research presented what is called, VisualRank, a new algorithm that uses image recognition technology to identify, rank, and weight images automatically based on the resulting analysis of the image content. The algorithm can also identify similar images which may lead to duplicate content filtering for image search.

The full PDF file of the report can be found here if you want to read up on this development further.

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  • Luis Galarza Marketing Strategies

    If this technology works can be actually good, but if doesn't work the right way i don't think they should be using VisualRank on life search results... Now, I would like to know how the algorithm really works, maybe can work for images... but, how this tech will identify video content without reading the tags, description, or meta tags???

    I don't see this be put to work until 2010 or later.

    Yours truly,

    Luis Galarza,
    Internet Marketing For The Poor!